The new moon today, November 4th, brought us some of the lowest tides we’ve seen in quite a while. Moreover, as we get ready for the second cold front to push through this season it looks like there’s more to come and it’s time to get ready to work this unique winter pattern. That is of course, if you have a shallow floating skiff and are prepared to get out the push pole. First and foremost, this allows access to this sensitive habitat without damaging the vital sea grass. It is truly amazing the amount of life that lives on and in between these turtle grass blades. If you don’t have the skiff to experience the backcountry this time of year, come with us and let us show you just how special it can be. In addition to the natural beauty, the fish have less room to roam and if you can find them they can be a lot of fun on fly and soft plastics with a light spinning rod.

Red fish tail

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