Every four to six weeks, I send out a newsletter about all things fly fishing in St. Simons and the Golden Isles of Georgia.  These past newsletters contain fly patterns, food recipes, product reviews and fishing reports.  They are a good source of fly fishing information.

Click the link to open the Fly Cast Charters Newsletter:

 Fall 2023 to Year End:  Fly fishing in Belize, flood tides, Trips to Cuba, Louisiana and Mexico

 Late Spring to Early Fall 2023:  Tarpon, reds, trout and flood tide reports.

Winter and Spring 2023:  Report on Fly Fishing in Cuba, big redfish and a winter time break.

International Fly Fishing Film Festival is coming to the Golde Isles: Sponsored by the Georgia Salt Water Anglers, Orvis and On The Fly, fly shop this is an event to raise funds to protect our fishery.

Late Summer 2022 through early Winter 2023: Lot’s of redfish and Tarpon and boat photos. Report on The DNR’s progress on reduing limits on redfish. Info on international trips.

Late Spring 2022 to Early Fall 2022: Tarpon, Bull Red Fish and the reds are back in the creeks.

Winter 22 and Spring 2022: Announcing that Orvis Endorsed, Capt. David Edens of Fly Cast Charters has now become Capt. David Edens of Orvis Endorsed Fly Cast Charters and Outfitter with addition of 3 new Orvis Endorsed Guides.

Winter 2021 and Spring 2021: Great fishing on the low tides. Report on 2019 spawn success and asking you to email DNR to request slot and limit reductions. Please send the email.

Fall 2020 Report and winter 2021 forcast: Lots of photos and report on flood tide fishing

Late Summer 2020 Fishing report and Fall forecast: Great photos of some great catches

June and July Out of Lockdown Fishing Report: Great early summer fishing report. People were ready to GET OUT

Shelter in Place Fishing Report: How we endured the lock down and found some great new places to fish.

Winter 2020 fishing report: Big Fish pictures, Trip to Punta Allen in February 2020 and New Power on the Maverick

Late Summer to Early Winter 2019 Report: Report on Brazil, redfish and great photos

Summer 2019 Fishing Report: Tailing redfish, travel and video of tailing redfish in the driving rain!

Late Spring/Early Summer 2019: Fishing report, Brazil travel info and all about fly fishing in St. Simons

Late Winter and Early Spring 2019:  Fishing report, Report on the Great Mexico Fishing Safari and fly and tactic tips for everything fly fishing in St. Simons.

Early Winter 2018 to Mid Winter 2019 Fly Fishing in St. Simons:  Fishing report, Travel info an the Maverick HPX-V gets a facelift.

Late Summer to Early Fall Fishing, 2018 St. Simons, Jekyll and Sea Island, GA:  Red fish tailing in the grass.

Late Winter to Mid Summer fishing in the Golden Isles:  Triple Tail, Reds, Spanish and King Mackerel.

Late Fall, Early Winter fishing: Big Schools of Reds; Video Link; 2016 Red Fish Spawn Success

Late Summer Early Fall, 2017: Tailing red fish and the beginning of the Fall/Winter pattern

Summer 2017 :  Reds in the Grass. Felt Crab fly recipe and instructions

Late Winter/Spring/Early Summer 2017: Reds, Triple Tail and Trout

Late Fall/Winter 2016/17 Report:  Sight fishing on the mud flats,  new fly pattern

Casa Viejo Chac:  Hosted Bonefishing trip, April 22-29

Late Summer/Early Fall Report:  Tailing Red Fish in the Grass.  Great Pics!!

Late Spring, Summer Report:  Big Red fish, Tarpon and huge Jack Crevalle!!

Late Winter and Early Spring Report:  Sight fishing is off the charts!!!

Late Fall/Early Winter Fishing:  Outstanding trout bite

Late Summer/Early Fall Fishing in St. Simons, 2015:  Flood tide red fish and Huge Jack Crevalle

Early Summer Fishing in St. Simons, 2015: Early summer report, Triple Tail, Tailing Tide dates

Spring Time Fly Fishing in St. Simons, 2015: Spring fishing report, and recipe for the Chartreuse, Chernobyl Flash Bang

Winter Time Fishing in St. Simons, 2015:  Late December to February fishing report

Late Fall and Early Winter Fishing in St. Simons, 2014:  Lots of trout and Redfish

Early Fall Fishing in St. Simons 2014:  Sept/Oct Report on flood tide tailing red fish, Batter recipe for fried fish.  TERRIFIC!!!

Summer time fishing in St. Simons, 2014:  Concern over red fish numbers and forecast for tailing red fish

March/April Fishing in St. Simons:  Why to Strip Strike, Part II and Great pictures of big red fish

Winter Time Fishin’ and Fly Tyin’ in St. Simons:  Great report on fishing to huge schools of Red Fish and tying spun deer hair marsh crabs.  Also a listing of 2014 tailing tide dates

October/November/December: Holiday Fishin’ in St. Simons:  Link to a great video for tying an ultra realistic UV cured Acrylic shrimp.  Marsh Hen Hunting in the Golden Isles.

August/September fishing Report and Fall Forecast:  Lots of news about fishing for tailing red fish.

June/July fishing Report and August Forecast  This newsletter has the recipe for my Ultra Shrimp

April May Fishing Report, and Early Summer Forecast  This newsletter has the recipe for the Crystal Shrimp

Southeast Fly Fishing Federation Even Newsletter  Information about this FFF event andsight fishing for  Triple Tail Fishing in front of Jekyll

Late Winter Fishing Report, 2013  Great pictures on clear water sight fishing in St. Simons.  Review of Loon Outdoors UV cure Acrylic

Mid Winter Fishin’ Report, 2012/2013  Review of St. Simons Outfitters Xuron Fly Tying Vise

Early Winter 2012 Fishing Report/Newsletter  Recipe for Speckled Sea Trout, ala Capt. Dave

Fall 2012 Newsletter  Great tips and techniques for fishing for tailing red fish

Spring 2012 Newsletter  Recipe for the Chernobyl Flash Bang.  This is a great fly!!!

Late Winter 2012 Newsletter  Cold Weather Fishing Report

Fall Fishing 2011, My Original Shrimp and Grits Recipe.  This is wonderful

Great Southern Fishing Show Newsletter: Video of huge schools of winter time red fish.

Late Summer Fishing, 2011  Shrimp Burger Recipe.  Delicious