Trout fishing with float rigs and live shrimp is the most popular way to fish in the Golden Isles.  Capt. Dave, an expert rod builder, has unique rods that he builds specifically for this relaxing way of fishing.  We will either anchor or troll around a productive drop on a moving tide.  There are specific techniques and gear that produce the most fish.  On your charter, we will use all these techniques and gear. One of the objectives of the charter is to help you learn all the rigging and fishing techniques to make you a better fisherman.  Float fishing on drops will catch Trout, Redfish, and Flounder.

Triple Tail greedily take live shrimp.  In the Spring, we can sight fish for them with corks and shrimp as they sun themselves in front of the Golden Isles.  Later in the season, fishing the channel markers with adjustable corks is very productive.  Triple Tail have been called the Bream (Blue Gill) of salt water.  If you can imagine how hard a 12 pound Bream would pull, that is how hard a 12 pound Triple Tail pulls.  Again, specific techniques are used for these fish, and Capt. Dave gladly teaches you how to be a more effective Triple Tail fisherman.

Jack Crevalle explode on a large surface plug.  The same sight fishing techniques used by fly fishermen apply to these fish.  Catch a 30 lb Jack on a spinning rod, and you are in for the fight of your life.

Most Tarpon are caught on boat rods fished with live poagies (Menhaden)  Capt. Dave has rods he has built specifically for catching these giants of the Georgia Coast.

Remember, just because the name says Fly Cast Charters, Capt. Dave welcomes conventional anglers and supplies custom built rods specifically tailored to the particular fishing situation.

Fly Cast Charters is part of Fly Cast Charters and Outfitters, LLC specializing in fly and conventional tackle charters and importing/distributing world class fly fishing rods, reels and accessories.