Well it’s not even a real cold front, but at least for a couple of days the weather that just pushed through has given us a reminder of what’s to come. Specifically, it’s brought a couple cooler mornings and some definite wind. From this, it’s the wind that got my attention the most. Especially taking into consideration we’ve just gone through our summer calm period where the wind was pretty much non existent. So, what does this tell us of what’s to come ?

For sure, our backcountry gamefish will get even more active than they already have been. The bite has been pretty good lately; but, when the weather begins to transition to a fall pattern their instincts will tell them that it’s time to fatten up before the slimmer pickings of winter set in. At this point, our snook, redfish, spotted sea trout, and juvenile tarpon will all get more aggressive.

Red fish tail

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