The "Prawn's Revenge"

This fly is a variation of the Simran bonefish fly.  In the Fall and Early Summer the shrimp in the creeks and on the flats are small.  This fly is designed to imitate them.  Tied on a size four hook with light eyes, it is easy to cast but sinks quickly.  The EP fibers and rabbit strip wave enticeingly in the water even without movement.  It has enough flash to attract the reds and trout in slightly stained water.  I had a red attack this fly so savagely that he gave me rope burn on my line finger. I haven’t tried it in black yet, but that should work in murky water.  It is easy to tie and extremely effective.

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Size 4 Mustad 34007, Tiemco 811S or equivalent
Small or Extra small lead eyes
White 3/0 thread
Pearl Krystal Flash
Tan Polar Chenille
Tan Rabbit Zonker Strip
Rust Brown EP 3D fibers
Head Cement or Hard as Nails

If you use this fly in heavily stained or muddy water, substitute rust/black dyed barred zonker strip for the tan zonker strip.  Use copper UV Polar Chenille and use just a few strands of K-flash for an over wing.

1.  Place hook in vise, lay down a thread base, and tie in eyes; clouser style.

"Prawn's Revenge" w/ eyes, k-flash and Polar Chenille attached

2.  Wind thread back, slightly down the hook bend.  Attach Polar Chenuille and ten to fifteen strands of Krystal flash.  Leave about 1/2 hook shank length of K-flash sticking out beyond the hook bend to form a tail.
3.  Wrap remaining K-flash around thread.  Coat the thread body with head cement.  Wrap forward, forming a body.  Figure 8 wrap the K-flash around the eyes and tie off in front of the eyes.

"Prawn's Revenge" with body formed and Polar Chenille palmered over the body

4.  Palmer the Polar chenille up the hook shank, over the K-flash body.  Make sure you sweep the fibers back with each wrap so the succeeding wrap does not trap the flash beneath it.  End right behind the eyes with two wraps and tie off.  Make a two wrap whip finish or place two half hitches in thread in front of the eyes.
5. Remove the hook, and turn it over in the vise, hook point up.  (Or rotate it if you have a rotating vise.)

"Prawn's Revenge" with zonker strip attached, ready for EP fibers

Take a  2″  piece of tan zonker strip.  Measure so the tail extends a hook shank length beyond the bend.  Carefully pierce the zonker strip with the hook point and slide it down to where the body ends.  Take the front of the zonker strip, stretch it over the hook

The “Prawn’s Revenge”

shank, and tie off in front of the eyes.
6.  Take a sparse amount of brown EP fibers, stagger the ends, and tie in on top of tied off zonker strip.
7.  Form a small head, whip finish, apply head cement or Sally Hansen’s Hard as nails, and go fishing.[/hidepost]