The No Name Fly

I am constantly trying to come up with easy to tie flies that give the reds something new to look at.  The inspiration for this fly is the Estaz Marabou and the tried and true Wolly Bugger.  I utilize some new and some traditional  materials in this fly.  It is quick and easy to tie.


I don’t have a name for it, so I am calling it the “No Name Fly” for now.

For a weed guard, I like the traditional V shaped weed guard made with 20 lb. Mason’s Hard Mono.  Please look at the Tips and Techniques Page for a great tip on preparing mono for a weed guard.
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Here is the recipe for the no name fly:

1/0 saltwater hook, Mustad 34007 or equivalent 

No Name, Step 1


Red lead, bead chain or mono eyes
Olive craft fur
Four strands of K-flash
Puglissi sparkle brush, olive.
Mono thread
1.  Attach lead eyes.  Attach a mono loop at the beginning of the hook bend to keep the tail from fouling around the hook.


No Name, Step 2


2.  Cut and clean a large pencil sized bunch of craft fur. Attach above the mono loop so it is approximately two hook shanks long.  Attach four strands of k-flash along each side of the tail.

No Name, Step 3

3.  Attach the sparkle brush at the base of the tail, and palmer forward, sweeping the sparkle brush
strands backward to prevent them from being caught under succeeding wraps of the sparkle brush.  Wrap around the eyes and tie off at the head.


The No Name Fly


4.  Attach a weed guard if desired, wrap a small head, and whip finish and cement.
5.  Trim the head if desired
6.  Bar the tail with a Sharpie Marker.