Capt. Dave and a wopper of a red

Capt. Dave and a Whopper of a Red fish

The waters in the Golden Isles of Georgia and the Marshes of Glynn teem with fish and wildlife.

Red Fish, Speckled Sea Trout, Jack Crevalle, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon, Triple Tail, Bull Reds, Sharks, and Blue Fish are just a few of the species  in our area.

Hunting these fish in the Marshes of Glynn is my passion.  Fly Cast Charters specializes in shallow water sight fishing for Red Fish in some of the most pristine marsh land on the East Coast.

Sight fishing for Red Fish with a fly rod is our specialty, but conventional tackle anglers are warmly  welcomed.  Opportunities exist to sight cast to cruising and feeding reds on low and incoming tides all year.  From the Spring to early Fall, when the tides are right and the spartina grass flats flood, reds come to these flats to feed on fiddler crabs.  When they are actively feeding, they are rooting around on the bottom, and their tails are flapping in the wind.  Hunting tailing reds on the high tide will give even the most seasoned angler a bad case of Buck Fever.  If your approach is stealthy enough and your cast accurate enough, more times than not, you will be rewarded with a screaming drag and big red intent on getting away.

In the Spring and early Summer we sight fish for Triple Tail just offshore of Jekyll Island and some of the other barrier islands near the Marshes of Glynn.  The opportunity also exists to cast to Spanish,  Jack Crevalle or Tarpon busting bait balls close to shore or in the bays.

Catching one of our world-class Jack Crevalle on a 12 wt. fly rod will give you all you can handle.  Fights typically last about an hour.  These fish just don’t give up.

Speckled Sea Trout are available to anglers all year.  When we find a concentration of these fish, they greedily take a clouser or bust a gurgler on the surface.  These fish are great table fare, and anglers are welcome to keep some for dinner.

Fly Cast Charters is strictly catch and release on all species with the exception of Speckled Sea Trout and Spanish Mackerel.

Fly Cast Charters is part of Fly Cast Charters and Outfitters, LLC.