We’ve been going through what I’d consider an extended period of cool weather here in Charlotte Harbor and Pine Island but the fishing has not been bad. Typical for this time of year, We’ve been spending most of our time in the back country of Pine Island Sound. The water has been clean and many of our turtle grass flats look healthy. Low tides have been dominating the landscape and they’ve been particularly extreme around the strong moons. Not surprisingly, the bite has also been best around these moons with the spotted sea trout bite being real strong. They’re definitely our cold water fish as we haven’t seen the water temperature rise much above 60 degrees on any given day. However, it looks like we’ve got a warming trend coming our way towards the end of next week. We are seeing decent numbers of redfish providing a more technical fishery than the more accommodating spotted sea trout. By technical, I mean the reds are either moving slowly or are laid up in a shallow water situation and are providing sight fishing opportunities. It’s technical as a quick precise cast is necessary and the fish are very wary and a tough target. However, when it comes together, it’s the apex of our sport. Come with us and let us show you the back country of the real Florida.

Red fish tail

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