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"Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn"

I am going to let the photos tell the story of Winter Time Fishing this time.  A great speckled trout bite.  Lots of trout on a fly rod.

Late Fall and Winter time fishing for red fish can be off the charts.  The water is clear, the schools are big and the fish are hungry.  Delicately put a fly in front of one, and it is off to the races.

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Check out the photos below. (No, we don’t have Permit in St. Simons.  The photo is a teaser for a hosted trip coming in April to Ascension Bay, Mexico)

Jack Crevalle

Big Jack Crevalle

Jeff from New Jersey was in St. Simons for a business meeting in mid-October. While everyone else played golf, Jeff enjoyed the fall fishing St. Simons.  I knew the Jacks were around.  After 30 minutes of looking, and almost giving up, we got lucky and ran into several schools of huge Jack Crevalle.  One hour and fifteen minutes after hooking up, Jeff brought this 27 pound Jack to the boat.  We sight fish these fish by finding the school, getting close with the outboard motor and then getting within casting distance with the trolling motor.  I will have video up soon I took during the fight.

    You never know when these fish will show up.  They move and migrate, so when they are here, you better go get them.  They won’t be around long. 
Flood Tide Report: 
Fishing for Tailing Red Fish
October afternoon flood tides were terrific.  Several people has lots of shots and connections.  Then themorning tides of early October were a bust.  Hurricane Joaquin, the super moon and another local Nor’easter pushed way to much water onto the flats.  When the water is too deep, you can’t see the fish tail.  So the Fall fishing St. Simons for tailing red fish has been just OK this year.   However, the fiddlers are still active.  If the water stays warm enough, we may have some tailing fish later this week and into the First of November.     The King Tide (Full Moon Tide of Late October), along with two week of Easterly winds and lots of rain caused super high tides the last week of October.  Some are saying these are the highest tides in 40 years.  These huge tides are great for Marsh Hen hunters, but not so good for tailing red fish and fall fishingSt. Simons.  The water gets too deep, and you can’t see the fish.  As the tides recede, we may have a few more days for tailing fish.
Trout Fishing is getting red hot
​As the water cools, the shrimp start moving out of the creeks, and the fall fishing St. Simons for trout really  heats up.
Russell came for a family vacation, and spent a few days fishing.  We blind cast my special chartreuse and white clouser over several oyster bars.  He connected with some nice spotted sea trout.
Trout fishing will stay red hot, particularly on the neap tides until the water gets cold in late December.  If you want to catch trout, now is the time of the year to do it.
Low tide Red Fishing
As Fall progresses, the red fishing on the low tide gets better and better.  Like the trout, the reds turn on the feedbag with all the shrimp leaving the creeks.  Henry came to St. Simons for a business meeting. He enjoyed the Fall fishing St. Simons while the others played golf.  The first day we had dirty water, wind and flat skies.  On the second, we were blessed with fair skies, light wind and almost clear water.   We pulled up to the second flat of the afternoon,  and almost immediately saw fish pushing water.  After several fly changes, he connected on this 31″ 13 pound red fish.
Fishing will continue to improve as the tides recede and the water cools.  We should have some great sight fishing for red fish the first week of November.
People ask how’s the fishing.  I always say, “You never know unless you go.”  So go!!!
Tight lines, strip strike and practice the double haul
Capt. Dave Edens

August brought some of the first daytime flood tides for tailing red fish.  The tides came in, I went to my special spot, and my anglers had shots at 30+ fish on the right tides.  At times we had trouble deciding which fish to cast to.  Casts for tailing red fish are not long. Forty feet is a long cast. But they have to be accurate.  You can’t put the fly five feet away from the fish and expect him to see it.  If you can put it a foot in front and a foot beyond these big, tailing red fish, they will eat and your drag will scream!!!!

Clay managed to fool this nice tailing red fish

Bass in the Grass

Clay’s tailing red fish

More tailing red fish photos

Capt Dave's red fish

I got a chance to go fishing!!!

We need tides of 8 feet or better to flood the grass flats.  We have predicted tailing tides for the last of September and the first of October.  If a Nor’easter blows by, the flats can flood on almost any high tide.  Call me to check on conditions and to see if I have any availability.

Trout bite has been good too.  Not much time now.  More pictures.
Evening tailing tide sun down, 2015 Fishing for Tailing Red Fish flooded grass flats Russell's big trout Tailing Red, August 2015

Tight Lines, strip strike and practice the double haul,

Capt. Dave

Golden Isles fly fishing has been as hot as the weather is getting.  Water temperatures are in the mid 80’s now, and the summertime pelagic fish are arriving.

Golden Isles fly fishing for Triple tail fishing was excellent in May and early June. We had lots of shots, and if you could put the fly in front of the fish, you had a good chance of hooking one.  Since the DNR has opened the inshore shrimp season, the number of fish seen has declined, but it is still worth looking for them.  The larger triple tail have moved to the markers, and can be caught on the dead low and high tides.  If you are targeting these fish, learn the different tidal movements, and you can stretch out your fishing for over an hour.  Target them either with live shrimp or a clouser minnow for the fly fishing crowd.

The trout are beginning their annual spawn on Cumberland beach.  There always seem to be short trout on the beach

Orvis fly fishing guide logo

Capt. Dave, proprietor of Fly Cast Charters, is an Officially Endorsed Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide

at this time of year, but many times it is a matter of luck if you catch the larger trout.  Golden Isles fly fishing for trout involves finding a concentration of them, and throwing a small clouser minnow.  Vary the color, but start with Chartreuse/white.

Low tide Golden Isles Fly fishing for red fish can be challenging at this time of year.  The earlier in the morning the low tide, the better the fishing will be.  In the morning the water is cooler, the wind is usually not blowing and the temperature makes you more comfortable.  Flood tide redfishing on the full and new moons was excellent in May.  Tides are not nearly as high this year as they have been the last few years.  Last year, we were dealing with the Super Moon full moon in June, which brought huge tides and very dirty water.  This year, the full moon tides in June will be barely high enough for tailing red fish.  Check out the tides here: July tides

Golden Isles fly fishing for Big Jack Crevalle is a hoot, and they have shown up.  Look for them close to shore around the Golden Isles on neap tides.  Always be ready at this time of year with an 11 or 12 wt fly rod.  There is no telling when you will run across big Jacks, Tarpon or even sharks.

If you are visiting Jekyll, St. Simons, Brunswick, or Sea Island for a vacation this summer, give me a call to give Golden Isles Fly Fishing a try, and lets go, “Hunting fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

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Golden Isles Fly Fishing in March and April was great and difficult.  We battled wind, rain, fresh water, but when the

Orvis fly fishing guide logo

Capt. Dave, proprietor of Fly Cast Charters, is an Officially Endorsed Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide

weather gave us a break, we made the most of it.  Tim returned to St. Simons to sample some Golden Isles Fly Fishing in early March.  We were greeted with a foggy, slick calm day on the flats.  We were still in a winter pattern with big schools, clear water, and very cooperative red fish.  We saw well over 100 fish that day.  Tim is a great caster.  His skill, combined with a custom 7 wt rod, 14 ft leader and #2 Red Fox Clouser brought 3 nice fish to the boat that day.

Tim's 2nd red Golden Isles Fly Fishing

They aren’t all big!!

Big Red Golden Isles Fly Fishing

Tim’s 3rd red fish

28" red Golden Isles Fly Fishing

Tim’s first red fish

March brought the Spring Breakers to St. Simons to sample some Golden Isles Fly Fishing.  For this Daddy/Daughter trip we fished for whiting for Naomi and then fly fished for  Dad.  A fun time was had by all.

Little Whiting Golden Isles Fly Fishng


The last of April brought Tim from NC back to St. Simons for some Golden Isles Fly Fishing.  After battling dirty water and high wind I found a sheltered flat holding some hungry Bull Reds.  Tim managed to bring two to the boat.  One a 14 lb 33″ Bull and the second a 10 lb 30″ Bull.  These fish gobbled a chartreuse Chernobyl Flash Bang. The big reds were tagged for the DNR and released (Recipe for the fly to come soon, so keep checking back.)  Golden Isles Fly Fishing can be difficult at times, but if you keep at it and never quit, you can find success.

Tim's first red Golden Isles Fly Fishing

10 lbs, 30″

Huge Red fish on a fly Golden Isles Fly Fishing

33″ 14 lbs HAWG

Claudiu battled high winds and overcast weather but managed to sight fish a nice red fish.  Golden Isles Fly Fishing is so much fun.

Claudiu's red Golden Isles Fly Fishing

Gotta love the blue tail

The triple tail are in front of Jekyll, and the May full moon tides will bring tailing fish to the marsh.  The trout bite will pick up as the fresh water is flushed out.  If you are in the area, and want to sample some of our Golden Isles Fly Fishing, give me a call, and let’s go “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

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Capt. Dave

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Fly Fishing Golden Isles when it is not Windy and Cold can be Red Hot
Big Schools of Red Fish in Clear Water
Late November and December brought some fabulous Fly Fishing Golden Isles. Late November neap tides saw clear water, warm weather and lots of big red fish pushing schools of shrimp.  On several trips, we knew a school was coming because the first thing we saw were birds bombing the school.  The birds were grabbing the shrimp as they fled the aggresive red fish.  On most days, after seeing the schools move across the flats, we knew the route the fish would take and simply staked out and waited.  There is nothing much more exciting than having a school of big red fish bearing down on you.

Tim w/ redfish fly fishing Golden Isles

Tim is a great client from Florida.  He travels to St. Simons frequently on business, and if the weather and conditions are right, he works in a trip for Fly Fishing Golden Isles.

We were rewarded with a great day.  The reds weren’t high and happy this day, but Tim stuck with it and managed to catch a slot redfish as the tide was coming in.

Notice how clear and blue the water is in the photograph.  Winter brings great sight fishing conditions to Fly Fish Golden Isles.

Tim’s Nice Redfish


My daughter came home from College and asked to go fishing.  Well she definitely caught the big trout of the day. Speaking of trout fishing, we had days when we caught a trout on almost every cast.  Early to late December has some of the best trout fishing of the year.  When Fly Fishing Golden Isles for trout, find a concentration, and bounce a clouser along the bottom.  Here is a link to some of my favorite trout and red fish flies:  Fly Patterns. When you feel a tappa, tappa, tap, set the hook.  Best of all, they are delicious.

Big trout fly fishing golden isles

Sallie’s big trout

Compressed, Trout Dinner fly fishing golden isles

Delicious trout dinner







So far this winter, there have only been a few days to get out.  It seems like the wind has been blowing non-stop since Christmas.  However, when we have been able to go Fly Fishing Golden Isles, we have found large schools of red fish in shallow water.  We have even managed to find a few bulls around structure.

Bull red fly fishing golden isles

Bull Red Fish

We are catching smaller fish on the flats this year than in years past.  Hopefully that means the we have had a good few years of spawns, and we will have more red fish this year than we have had in the last two.
Here are a few examples of the smaller fish we have been catching, Fly Fishing Golden Isles:
Fly caught red fish fly fishing golden isles

Nice little red fish

Fly caught red fish fly fishing golden isles

Troy’s nice red fish

If you want to see what winter time red fishing can be, click on this link to my web site:  Fly Cast Charters.  On the front page is a video taken a few years ago showing us fishing to huge schools of red fish.  This pattern will last through March.
If you are coming to St. Simons for Spring Break, of just for a break from the terrible winter weather up North, be sure to give me a call to experience what can be some of the best sight fishing of year.
I am not booked heavily at this time of the year, so if you are down here, be as flexible as you can so we can go out on the best day.
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Big Trout

Sallie’s Big Trout

Mid December Update:  The trout fishing is on fire.  Mild weather and light winds makes for incredible trout fishing.  We have been catching lots of trout as well as big fish.  Check out this trout caught earlier this week.


The St. Simons fishing report can be summed up in one word:  Incredible.

Big Trout

Amanda’s Award Winning Trout




October started with the Cystic Fibrosis Red/Trout tournament.  This year the tournament was held during some of the highest tides of the year.  Normally, that is wonderful for us fly fishers.  This year, I didn’t have any fly fishers, so we pulled out the popping corks, DOA’s and live shrimp.  While my team did not catch many fish, Amanda managed to take the Big Trout award with a fat, 20″ Speckled Sea Trout.

Shrimp and Grits

Shrimp and Grits


Fall also brings shrimp season to the Golden Isles.  If you have not eaten Georgia White Shrimp, you are missing one of the sea’s best delicacies.  These shrimp are sweet and flavorful.  I have a special recipe for shrimp and grits that I developed several years ago.  Many think it is the best they have ever eaten.  Here is a link to the recipe published in a newsletter several years ago:  Shrimp and Grits Recipe.


St. Simons Fishing Report for Early October brought tailing Red Fish.  Matthew spent a few days during the full moon, and we found lot’s of Tailers in the Grass.  Kyle came in late October, and we also found a few.

Bass in the Grass

Kyle’s Bass in the Grass

Matthew’s Tagged red fish

Child with Trout

Graham and Slimy


The St. Simons fishing report for speckled trout is:  Off the Charts.  It is not uncommon to catch 50-100 fish during the day.  This is the time of year for some non stop action.

When the trout are biting, it is always fun to have kids on board.  Here is a picture of Graham, holding a trout he named Slimy, which he and his family later had for dinner!


St. Simons Fishing Report for early November brought falling air and water temperatures.  That signals the beginning of clearing water and schooling red fish.  There are several low tide flats that I fish that are a long run from St. Simons.  While it takes some time to get there, the ride is usually worth it with lot’s of un-pressured fish.  I introduced Julie and Matthew to these flats, and they were rewarded with numerous “pods” of 5-15 BIG red fish moving across the flats.  We could see the pods coming from hundreds of yards away.  As often as not, above the fish were small flocks of sea gulls, diving and bombing the shrimp as these red fish fed across the flats.  We lined up along the edge, and waited for the fish to come to us.  The Prawn’s Revenge is the fly of choice for this time of year in clear, cooling water.  Here is a link to the video of me tying this super fly:  Prawn’s Revenge

Here are a few photos of those great days on the flats with two great people.

Julie fighting a fish

Julie leaning on a big red fish

Julie with her first 13 lb red fish

Julie adn 2nd 13 lb red fish

Matthew’s 13 lb red fish

The good news is the sight fishing for red fish will continue to get better as the water cools and clears.  Late November and December offer some of the best sight fishing of the year.  The fishing report St. Simons is Incredible.  Give me a call to get in on some of the best sight fishing for red fish on the east coast.

Until next time, tight lines, remember to strip strike and practice the double haul!!

Capt. Dave
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August and early September brought the best tailing red fish tides of the year so far.  August’s daytime tides were a little marginal, and they did not come in one day when we had strong SW winds.  September’s tides were awesome.  We managed to avoid the afternoon thunder storms and fish for tailing red fish on every evening tide in August and only missed one trip because of weather in September.  When the tides covered the spartina grass flats the red fish invaded to grub for fiddler crabs and tailed until the tide started back.

Jacob and family came down from North Carolina to spend a few days fishing for tailing red fish, and Jacob caught his first ever red on the fly:

Big tailing red fish

Jacob’s tailing red

Later that same week Chris and Megan visited from Colorado.  They had lots of shots fishing for tailing red fish.  Chris managed to land a nice one and Megan managed to put the lure on top of the fish’s head and spook him.  She said she would practice and be better when they next visited.

Chris's tailing red fish

Two happy fly fisher people



Ken had tried for a week to catch a red fish in Florida.  He wasn’t able to fish St. Simons during the tailing tides, but we found some clear water on the high tide, and managed to get one to eat a fly for him.  As an aside, Ken is one of the top five fly casters I have had on the boat.  Watching him cast is a thing of beauty.

Big Red
Ken’s first red fish

Derek had tried several times before to catch a tailing red fish in his home state of South Carolina.  He was successful “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of  Glynn.”

Tailing Red Fsih

Derek’s tailing red fish

The tailing red fish bite has been very good this year.  I am still concerned that I am not seeing the number of fish on the flats that I have seen in previous years.  But if we approach the fish carefully and make a good presentation, we can usually put a few fish in the boat.

The trout bite has started in earnest, and I am always willing to try to catch a few for you to take home for dinner after the tides come in.  The bite has been red hot on DOA’s the last couple of days.  Peter was rewarded with a nice live well of fish for dinner as well as a 13 lb 33″ red fish.  Catch 228 in Redfern Village is a restaurant in St. Simons that has a bring your own fish menu.  Their whole fried flounder is the best ever.  Guess what happened to this guy!

Flounder and Trout

A live well full of dinner

There have been lots of other trips the last six to eight weeks.  We didn’t always catch a tailing red fish or a red fish on fly, but we always had fun.  September and October are some of the best months to fish  St. Simons. Take an early Fall vacation and let’s go, “Hunt Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

Here are a few more pictures from the last few weeks:

Fly Fishing St. Simons has been off the charts recently.  The big schools of over-sized Jack Crevalle have invaded our sound.  For the last few evenings there have been football field sized areas where these 30 lb fish are devouring bait.

Big Jack Crevalle

28 lb jack Crevalle

If the fish aren’t smashing bait, then we simply idle around the sound looking for a different surface texture of the water made as these fish cruise just below the surface.  I use the big motor to get close to the school, then the trolling motor to get within fly casting range. I have developed a big bunker pattern tied Puglisi style, but tied with Farrar’s flash blend, that really works on these big fish.  But then again, almost anything works on these fish.  I will add some video of fighting these trophy fish in the near future.  If you want to enjoy the thrill of catching an over-sized Jack by fly fishing St. Simons, call me soon.  This party won’t last long.

Trophy Jack Crevalle

30 lb Jack Crevalle

While the over sized Jacks are the big fly fishing St. Simons news, let’s not overlook the red fish and triple tail.  Red fishing on the low tide has been tough.  At this time of year, the early morning low tides are the most likely to produce. What we all wait for all year long are the tailing tides of summer.  We had a few days in July where we chased tailers. We fought the late day thunder storms, and found a few fish in the normal spots that were tailing in the grass.

big red fish

Tailing red fish

If the shrimpers are not pulling in front of Jekyll, there are a few triple tail that are still floating high in the water.  It is always worth some time to look for these unique fish while fly fishing St. Simons.

Triple Tail fish

Triple Tail caught on a fly rod

Enjoy the pictures, but better yet, give me a call and let’s go “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

Tight lines, remember to strip strike and practice the double haul.

Capt. Dave

Nice Red Fish

Low tide red fish

Fly Caught Red Fish

Red Fish Tail


Early summer fishing in St. Simons has been on. The trout bite has been great on clear water. The trout bite on the beach in Cumberland has been red hot on the right tides/moon. For the trout, a chartreuse/white clouser minnow made with Farrar’s flash blend and red flash has been the ticket. It has even out fished live bait!!

Effective Clouser Minnow pattern

Chartreuse and white clouser w/ red flash made from Steve Farrar’s flash blend. A killer trout fly


Big Trout

Nice trout

For trout concentrate on the 1//2 moon tides and concentrate on oyster drops in moving water. The trout are here, you just have to move around until you find them. Early summer fishing in St. Simons has been great.

The triple tail sight fishing in front of Jekyll began in late March. The early summer fishing in St. Simons for triple tail had been consistently good until June 12, when the DNR opened the inshore shrimping season. As of earlier this week, the shrimpers were not pulling in front of Jekyll, and the TT seemed to be returning. While they will not be there in the numbers they were this spring, it is something worth checking out if you are near there and the conditions are right.

Nice triple tail

Sight Fished Triple Tail

Red fish have been tailing on the right tides. We only have predictable evening tailing tides until August, but if you are here on the right tides, and the thunderstorms and wind stay away, the fishing can be amazing. If we have a push of strong east winds, the tides will get up on some mornings, so stay alert.

Tailing Red fish in the grass

Stalking tailing red fish

tailing red fish

Tailing red fish

Low tide red fish are harder in the summer than in the winter, but they are still there. The schools are not as large, and you are normally casting to one or two fish, so the cast has to be fast and accurate. If you keep at it, you can hook up.  Early summer fishing in St. Simons for red fish has been great, both in the low tide flats and in the high tide grass.

Big red fish

Big low tide red fish

July and August will bring flood tides for Red Fish, trout fishing will keep getting better and we will be on the lookout for the schools of big Jack Crevalle that invade our sound during the dog days of summer.

When the weather is right, I am fishing some of the near shore bars where we can catch Spanish, bar jacks and whatever else shows up.

Summer in SSI is hot, but so is the fishing. If you are going to be down this way, give me a call, and let’s go “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

Until next time, ” Tight lines, strip strike and practice the double haul.”

Capt. David Edens
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