Chartreuse Chernobyl Flash Bang

Chartreuse Chernobyl Flash Bang Fly

Chartreuse Chernobyl Flash Bang: This is a really simple fly to tie.  It is nothing more than a variation of a wolly bugger, tied with a rabbit strip and Puglisi Sparkle Brush.  I have been fishing it a lot lately with great success.  Try tying it with a Speckled Gold Puglisi Sparkle Brush and rusty orange rabbit strip.  Add some gold flashabou, and you have a fly that flashes like a spoon, but is far easier to cast.

Here is the recipe.  Enjoy, and send me a photo of a fish you caught on it.

Mustad 34007, Tiemco 800S or equivalent, size 2 to 1/0  (I like the 1/0 Gamakatsu SL12S as well.  It has the same shank length as the size 2  34007, larger hook gap and is stronger.)

Large bead chain eyes or lead eyes
Black Standard Estaz
Chartreuse Puglisi Sparkle brush
Chartreuse zonker strip
30 lb test mono for foul guard
20 lb test hard mono for weed guard if desited

  1. Tie eyes in just behind hook eye.  Leave room for a small head and/or weedguard.
  2. Tie in foul guard loop at hook bend.

At the hook bend:

  1. Tie in Zonker strip (two times shank length)
  2. Tie in estaz.
  3. Tie in flash brush.
  4. Wrap Estaz forward for a body.  Figure eight wrap around eyes to form a head.  Tie off in front of eyes.
  5. Palmer sparkle brush forward. Stroke fibers back while wrapping around shank.
  6. Tie off sparkle brush just behind eyes
  7. Tie in V shaped weed guard if desired.
  8. Shape head and seal with head cement, super glue or whatever you use.
  9. Bar body and tail with Sharpie

Tease the Chartreuse Chernobyl Flash Bang in front of a fish and he will inhale it!!

Big Red Fish

14 lb red fish caught on a Chartreuse Chernobyl Flash Bang