Black Red Fish toad 4

This fly can be tied on any combination of colors.Try pink/green for an Electric Chicken Toad. Try combinations of rust and copper for traditional red fish colors. We find black works best in dark, muddy water which is common in the Marshes of Glynn.  This fly will catch reds both on the mud flats and in the grass.  Big reds pounce on this fly, and it will also catch trout.

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Ingredients for a Black Toad Fly:

#2 hook. Mustad 34007 or equivalent
Black poly yarn
Natural buck tail
Krystal Flash
Two grizzly neck feathers
Small red or black dumbell eyes
50 lb mono for weed guard
Black 3/0 thread


1.  Wrap a thread base and attach dumbell eyes, leaving room for a small head, by using figure 8 wraps.  Put a drop of superglue on the base of the eyes.
2.  Wrap back to just above the barb and attach a small bunch of bucktail, about the size of two pencil leads,  1 1/2 times the length of the hook shank.
3.  Attach approximately ten strands of k-flash on either side of the bucktail.  Trim the k-flask to different lengths, so the longest strands are just a little longer than the bucktail tail then trim the others different lengths .
4.  Attach two grizzly neck hackles on either side of the bucktail the same length as the bucktail tail, with the feathers flaring out.

Black Redfish toad

5.  Cut the poly yarn into ten pieces approximately 2″ long.  You will be tying strands equal in thickness to 1 1/2 thicknesses of yard.  Take two pieces of yarn.  Separate one into two equal thicknesses.  Combine one of these split pieces with a whole thickness.  After combining them, starting at the tail tie in point, attach the 1 1/2 thickness strand to the top of the hook, using figure 8 wraps.  Make one wrap in front of the first strand.  Take a second 1 1/2 thickness strand, place it directly in front of the strand you just attached and tie it in place with figure 8 wraps.  Pack the strands together.  Repeat this process until you are up to the dumbell eyes, about five or six tie ins.  Tie a half hitch in front of the eyes.
Toad with part of the poly body attached
6.  Trim the pieces so they are about the size of a quarter and taper slightly from front to back.  Trim them evenly on both sides so the fly will sink and jig properly.  If you prefer, you can trim them into an oval shape, about the size of a quarter.
7.  Take the mono and pinch it into a V  (A pair of pliers helps get a sharp V.) Turn the fly upside down in the vise.  Put the V of the mono in front of the eyes.  Tie in the mono at the V, and post the legs of the weed guard so they flare back toward the hook point..  Trim the mono so it is approximately 1/4 inch beyond the hook point.  Tie a neat thread head and whip finish.

Black Red Fish toad 3
8.   Take superglue and run a line of superglue along the hookshank/tie in points to secure everything to the hook.

9. Put a drop of superglue or head cement on the head.
10. Go fishing and hang on.