New Red Fish Fly, The Mop

The mop complete, compressed

Wind. It is the curse of fly fishers everywhere. It is even more of a curse when fishing for shallow water red fish on mud flats. The wind stirs up the water and makes it muddy. This is where the new red fish fly, The Mop, shines.
One of the biggest challenges we have is getting the fly where the fish can see it. That challenge is ever greater when the water is stained or muddy.  This new red fish fly, The Mop, was designed for this challenge.
I have been trying to figure out how to tie a fly that pushes water, has the right colors for stained water, is big and flashy enough for the red fish to see it.
Dark colors and contrast work the best in stained waters. I designed this new red fish fly, “The Mop” to meet these criteria.
The “Mop” is tied on a regular shank 2/0 hook with medium dumbell eyes, black zonker strip, chartreuse marabou plume, purple Puglisi fibers and lots of gold Flashabou.

Tying it is simple. Tie in the eyes. Tie in a foul loop, then tie in a Black zonker strip for a tail.

tail on, copmpressed

In front of the tail, palmer a chartreuse
marabou feather. On either side, tie in a few strands of gold flashabou.

Chartreuse collar on, compressed

For the head, make a dubbing loop about 6″ long.  Take purple Puglisi fibers. Cut some in half and some in thirds.  Place them along the loop.  Dubbing wax helps hold the fibers in place.

Dubbing loop ready, compressed

 Palmer them to the back of the eyes. Pick out the trapped fibers as you are wrapping the loop. Tie off, pick out the rest of trapped fibers.

Dubbing loop wrapped, compressed

Then tie in about 12 strands of gold Flashabou on either side. Tie in a weed guard if desired. Whip finish and cement the head.  This new red fish fly, “The Mop” is about 6″ long when finished.

The mop complete, compressed

The “Mop” is big, flashy, has movement, contrast, and has been catching fish in dirty water.
A fly this big needs to be thrown by a heavier fly rod. Pull out the 9, or even the 10 weight. It will make tossing this new red fish fly, “The Mop” much more enjoyable.
I always say, “To eat it they gotta’ see it” This fly will be seen.