June, July, August and September offered some excellent sight fishing for redfish and frustrating fishing.  During the hot months, I try to fish the low tide as early in the morning as possible.  While we often found fish on the flats, many times the wind was from the wrong direction or the fish were simply not there.  As a result, for sight fishing for redfish, I had to fish the back of some small creeks.  We went way up several different creeks to find the redfish. Usually found nice schools of extremely SPOOKY red fish.  Some days we caught a few.  Others we blanked.

This time of year it is all about the flood tides.  We have had some great flood tide trips with shots at 10-15 fish. That is classic, Souther sight fishing for redfish. We caught fish on top with gurglers and with crab patterns.  For years my go to flood tide pattern was the Black Toad.  It is a great, all around fly.  Lately I have been fishing the Felt Crab more and more.  The felt crab lands lightly and catches fish on the flood tides as well as on the low tides.  Instructions for tying both of these files are on my website.  Just click on the highlighted links above.         

On several trips we were challenged by wind.  If you can keep your loops tight and fish a 9 weight, you can handle the wind.  The biggest problem I see is anglers trying to place the fly by reaching out and dropping the rod tip on the presentation cast.  The proper way to complete the cast is to stop your rod tip high, let the loop start to unroll, then lower the rod tip and follow the fly and fly line to the water.  I have a few tips to help you learn this on my Tips and Techniques page.  Click on the link and scroll down to “Presenting the Fly to the Fish.”  There are lots of other great ideas on the page as well. For the rest of this October, it is all about flood tide fishing.  I am solidly booked all the way through to the end of the cycle, October 25th.  After that the weather cools and water clears.  When that happens,  it is back to Fall/Winter sight fishing in clear water to big schools of fish. \

Here are some photos of summer 2020 fish.

If you want some of best sight fishing for redfish or are coming to the Golden Isles this Fall or Early Winter, give me a call. The best sight fishing for redfish is in October, November and December. The redfish gather in big schools in clear water. Sight fishing at its best.

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Capt. David Edens