Once again it has been too long between a fly fishing report.  Unfortunately the Covid-19 virus has given me time to update my website.  Bookings went from solid starting in late March and continuing through May.  Then this virus hit, and 95+% of the bookings have canceled.  We all hope this is over soon, but until then, check the homepage of the website for changes I have instituted to keep fishing and to help fight this war.  On with the report for late winter.

One client said he hadn’t heard a fly fishing report from me in awhile, so the “Fishing must have been tough.”  That was an understatement.  While there were some great days before Christmas, most of January and February were characterized by wind, rain and muddy water.  I don’t ever remember a winter that when we had good tides, we had bad weather or that when we had good weather, we had bad tides.  Super moons are cool, but they muddy the water for a week. 

Those of you that follow my fly fishing report and newsletters know redfish numbers are up, but the fish are facing increasing pressure and becoming very spooky.  In the past I have primarily fished mud flats adjacent to big water in the winter.  I had trouble finding good numbers of fish on the flats last winter, so I started fishing the backs of creeks and was able to find fish consistently.  Additionally, fishing the creeks helps me get off the big water and away from the wind.   

We had great weather in March.  I didn’t have many bookings the first part of the the month.  I managed to get out a few times,, and we did fairly well.  Everything started cancelling for the last two weeks of March.  I had a few local charters, and we found nice schools of fish.  Triple tail are in front of Jekyll now.  The redfish are breaking up into smaller schools.  There are a few trout being caught. Historically, April has been one of the best months for redfish on the fly.  We have daytime flood tides this April and the water is warm enough for tailing redfish.  Having daytime flood tides with water warm enough for active tailing in April is unusual. I am looking forward to it. If I don’t book these days, I am going fishing. So call me so we can fish for tailing fish in the grass!!

This starts my 11th season as a fly-fishing guide.  I can’t believe it has been that long.  I owe it to all of you for my success.  Thank you for fishing with me.  Thank you for following my newsletter and fly fishing report. If you want to be put on a call list for when I see a good window, please send me an email: flycastcharters@gmail.com or give me a call and let’s GO!

PS:  If you are local, give me a call and lets go fishing.  Support your local guide in these hard times. Again, see my homepage for my efforts to control the spread of the Corona virus while we are fishing.

We did catch a few fish last winter. Take a look.

“Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”
Capt. Dave Edens
706.540.1276 cell (best)

Bob G with a nice copper colored red fish
Bob’s nice Redfish. Notice how copper colored he is.
Bob M with a nice fish
Bob M’s nice low tide red fish.
13 lb redfish
I even got to go fishing. 13 pound, 31″ redfish caught from the back of a secret creek.
Bob on foot
When you go to the back of creeks to chase redfish, sometimes you have to get out of the boat to get to where the fish are holding.
27" red fish
My young buddy Michael managed this nice 27″ fish. He hooked this fish while I was still fighting the 13 lb fish pictured above. Double hook up!!