Summer Fly Fishing Redfish in St. Simons has been as hot as the weather.

For great summer fly fishing redfish, I always say to keep an eye on the high tides in the summer.  Remember, if you have a push of East or Northeast wind for a few days, it is very probable that the high marsh will flood, and we will experience unexpected tailing tides and excellent summer fly fishing redfish.  The new moon morning tides the end of July and the first of August were only forecasted to be a little over 7′ at the bar, which is not enough for a good flood tide.  Because we had East winds for a week or so prior to those days, I noticed the tides were running about a foot above forecast. As a result my clients were treated to some fantastic, unexpected morning flood tides and summer fly fishing for Redfish tailing in the high marsh.  My favorite flood tide spots came through in a big way, with clients having shots at dozens of fish.  Fishing for tailing redfish was a nice break from the summer fly fishing red fish pattern of sight fishing for them on the low tide.

Are there many redfish around?

Red Fish numbers are good, and many of the low tide flats that had few fish on them a few years ago are fishing very well right now.  If you want to find your own flats, look for a combination of gently sloping mud flat, bordered by oysters and then marsh with short spartina grass.  Red Fish love that combination of habitat. Our numbers are still down from 10 years ago, but they have rebounded for lows about 5 years ago. Let’s hope there was good spawn success last Fall. I continue to be strictly catch and release for redfish.

Offshore fishing for Mackerel

When inshore conditions are not good for summer fly fishing redfish, I like to take my Parker center console and treat my clients to a little mackerel fishing. We went offshore a few times this summer.  Clay and Tim were treated to some great Spanish and King Mackerel fishing.  Tim was nice enough to give me one of his fish.  Fresh Spanish Mackerel lightly seasoned with salt, pepper and cajun seasoning then seared in olive oil and butter is one of the best things about summertime fishing in St. Simons.  Thanks Tim. Clay was good enough to bring home a few to Heather. I know she appreciated it.

How’s the trout fishing?

I got into an unexpected good trout bite earlier this summer.  Because of the DNR raising the minimum size limit of trout to 14″ a few years ago, the average size of our speckled sea trout has increased a good bit.  Most of the fish I caught were 16-20 inches.  Trout fishing will only get better as Fall approaches.

Tarpon and Jacks:

There are some Jacks to be found about 5 miles out, but I have not seen them in the sound this year. I rarely fish for Tarpon, but there are a lot of Tarpon around.

Contact info and fly patterns

Many of my clients have left feedback on my Orvis page. Please check it out. There is a great video of summer fly fishing redfish in the rain. Be sure to click it on. There are too many photos to put in the report. If I left you out, please forgive me. Be sure to check out my Tips and Techniques page and my fly patterns. These will make you a better fly angler. Contact me either from below or through my contact page.

As August gives way to September, the red hot Fall fishing will soon be upon us.  October through December offer some of the best fishing of the year.  Give me a call and let’s GO! 

“Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”
Capt. Dave Edens

Flood Tide Reds in the Rain
Beau’s Big Red Fish on an H3
Over slot redfish
Brian’s first redfish ever
Peter’s nice red
Bob’s first tailing redfish. Redfish never smile!!!
Michael’s fish got tangled in the grass. He jumped in to land him!!
Obviously we caught this fish on a mudflat. We probably should have cleaned him off before taking a picture!!
Another summer fly fishing redfish.
Rainy Day redfish