I can’t believe it has been almost six months since I have posted a fishing report. Below is the Spring, Summer Fishing Report. However, if you ever want up to date fishing information on St. Simons/Golden Isles of Georgia, click this link: Orvis Fishing Report. I update this information every week.

Late March through early June Fishing Report with Fly and Tactic Tips

We endured record highs for late May and early June.  Water temperatures were in the 80’s which moved us firmly into the summer time fishing pattern. 

When should I fish for Red Fish in the Summer?

Red fish are most active in the morning and early evening.  That is why the best fishing on the low tides is within a few hours of sun up.  Usually the water is slick calm. Because the water is calm, you can see the fish tailing, pushing water and chasing shrimp. 

When people think of tailing fish in St. Simons, they usually think about the way the fish tail in the grass on flood tides, which is very vigorously.  On the low tide they tail very subtly.  Occasionally you may see an entire tail above the water, but normally you see the tip barely break the surface. Or you may see a slight swirl or briefly a back barely break the surface.   Red fish are super spooky in these conditions.   With a fly angler’s ability to quietly place a fly near a fish we have a definite advantage over the gear anglers.  The loud “Plop” of a spoon or plug would send these fish racing for the nearest deep water refuge.

Are there tailing tides in the Summer?

Spring, Summer fishing also offers evening tailing tides.  We usually have 3 or 4 days a month when we can chase the red fish tailing in the grass.  Also, a few days of NE winds will push the tides higher. That is why we always keep an eye out for flooded grass when we are fishing.

I have heard of fly fishing for Triple Tail.

Triple Tail should offer a great Spring, Summer fishing target in front of Jekyll Island. Because they are free floating they make a great sight fished target. They are crazy fish because sometimes they will attak a well placed fly, and many times they do not.  These fish should be there through July. I have found that the Prawn’s Revenge (click for recipe) or the Ultra Shrimp are flies that produce.  Click Here to be taken to a past newsletter with complete instructions on tying my Ultra Shrimp.

What else can we fish for?

There are some nice trout around.  Also my Parker Center Console offers the ability for near shore fishing for Spanish Mackerel.  

Spring, Summer fishing can be great in the Marshes of Glynn.  Give me a call and let’s GO! Photos from Spring and Summer 2019

Spring Summer fishing flood tide red fish
Flood Tide, Tailing Red Fish
Spring Summer Fishing Wading for Red Fish
Sometimes the fish get so shallow, we have to get out of the boat and wade to them!
Spring Summer Fishing Red Fish with 15 total spots
This red fish had 15 total spots!
Spring Summer Fishing Capt. Dave with a Red Fish
I got to catch one!!!
Spring Summer Fishing Tagged Red Fish
Tagged and released for the Department of Natural Resources
Spring Summer Fishing  Nice red fish
Slot Redfish.

Capt. Dave Edens