December, January through Early February Fishing Report

Red Fishing was great up through mid January. The big schools had formed. They normally sit on the bottom right at Low Tide, but as the tide comes in and as it goes out, big schools of reds move up and down the banks. On sunny days, the reds are headed for the oysters and mud banks on the incoming tide to warm up. In both of these situations, we normally just stake out and wait for the fish to come to us. On many occasions we had fish tailing and crawling on their bellies feeding and warming up. It is so cool to see 4-5 tails sticking out of the water at the same time.

Tailing fish on the low tide tail very subtly. It isn’t like the aggressive tailing activity on the flood tides. Additionally, these fish are very spooky, so longer leaders and lighter flies help you hook up.

We have been deluged with fresh water from both the Altamaha and the Satilla Rivers. The water at the Marina looks like Altamaha River water, which it is. Catfish are being caught in the Ocean there is so much fresh water. I have been fishing in areas where the water isn’t muddy, but it is very tannin stained. It really looks like strong ice tea. In this water, i am sticking with flashy flies that the fish can easily see. The Copperhead (Look for tying instructions on the newsletter page.) has been a great fly in these conditions.

In late January, the cold weather came rolling in and I didn’t go out much. We had huge tides on Super, blood, full moon in January. That muddied the water for a week. It has cleared now, and fishing is good.

Because of weather and huge tides, fishing in the winter can be great and terrible. It all depends on the weather. If you are fishing after a cold front and the wind is blowing from the N, I usually suggest we do not go out. On the other hand, if we are fishing 3 or so days after a front passes, the wind is calm or from the S and the skies clear, we can have some of the best sight fishing of the year. If you are here and want to fish, I try to be very flexible in scheduling. I will be honest with you about whether or not we should go out on any particular day.

Some people are catching trout, but I haven’t fished for them since early Fall. I would, and my clients would, rather spend their time sight fishing for 7-10 lb red fish rather than blind casting for 14-18″ seatrout.

Tte water has cooled to 55 degrees, and the fiddlers have burrowed into the mud for a long winter nap. While you may see red fish in the grass on big tides, you normally will not see them tailing aggressively. You may see a tail here and there, and if you do, give it a shot.

The most productive time to fish right now is the low tide, winter time pattern of “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”
Just a few pictures from the last few months.

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big red

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