Sorry for the late report, but I have been on the water since right before Christmas until sight fishing red fish, so no time for computer work.

Copper colored red fish

Sight Fishing Red Fish

WOW!!! That is all I can say about the sight fishing red fish right now.  Big schools of red fish are moving all over the flats, pushing water and chasing bait and eating flies.

Winter time sight fishing red fish is all about the weather and the tides.  Low tides from late morning until mid afternoon, bright skies and calm wind spell success. We had some days sight fishing red fish when it was windy and cloudy where we had trouble getting the red fish to bite.  Some days we found them on the outgoing low tide, and on other days we found them on the incoming tide.  At this time of year you have to move around to find the fish.  My motto is, “Never Give Up.”

We have been able to find clear water even during the current full moon tide cycle.  We have have had genuine 10′ tidal changes recently.  Imagine how much water is rushing up and down the rivers and inlets for the water to change from a -1.4 ft low tide to a +8.6 ft high tide.   The amount of water moving in and out  of the  inlets, rivers and creeks is unimaginable.  However, we have been able to find clear water for sight fishing red fish

Anyway, we keep at it.  Sight fishing red fish with a fly rod.  I am just going to let the photos do the talking.

If you are in St. Simons for a meeting, conference or holiday–or simply want a winter time get a way–give me a call, and let’s go “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

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Sight fished red fish

Red Fish never Smile

Puppy Drum

Tim’s Puppy Drum

sight fishing red fish

Copper Colored Red Fish

Matt'a Red Fish

Matt’s big red. Look over Matt’s left shoulder. The nervous water is a school of red fish. Love winter time fishing

Matt's first red

Matt’s first red fish of the day

Scott's Puppy Drum

Scott found several of these slot red fish in the back of creeks

red fish

Carter’s sight fished red fish

red fish

Carter’s Big Red Fish

close up red fish

Red Fish never smile

12 lb red

12 lb red fish on a 6 weight fly rod

puppy drum

They are not all big

Low tide red

Troy’s nice red fish

Tagged Red Fish

Even I had a chance to fish. Tagged and released for the DNR