Red that ate a fly

Cerise Passion Fly

Winter time red fishing is on fire in St. Simons.  Even with the muddy water from a flooding Altamaha, we have been able to find big schools of reds in clear water.  Winter time red fishing means big schools of red moving up and down the shallow water flats.  If you put a fly in front of them, they eat.

We have been seeing school after school of BIG Red fish.  Last week we boated one a hare over 14 lbs, three over ten pounds and a bunch of six to nine pound fish.  This is the time to fish for reds on a fly.

It looks like the weather will moderate over the next few weeks.   Enjoy the photos, call me to get in on some of this great sight fishing.

Capt. Dave
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Fighting a red fish

Troy on tight with a big red

Troy's first red

28″ red fish

Huge Red fish

13 lbs, 33

9 lb red fish

29″ red fish

Huge red fish

14+ lb Red Fish, 34+ inches long