Late Winter/Early Spring Report

January, February and March offered off the wall sight fishing for big red fish.  Clear Water, bright skies and light winds came together on several days and the big red fish responded.  We had pods of fish moving up and down the flats, pushing water, chasing shrimp and eating flies.  Here are a few of them below.  There is more fish porn available, but that is enough for right now.  Remember, winter can offer some of the best fishing of the year for big red fish.  You need to try it.

Spring forecast:
Red Fish:
The reds are in smaller schools now, but they are active and moving around.  Spring always brings changeable weather, but if you get a day with calm winds, shots at 50+ fish are possible.

High winds make the water muddy and hard for big red fish to see the fly.  I have come up with a big red fish fly that seems to work well in stained, muddy water.  I call it The Mop, because it looks like a mop and mops up the big red fish.  Check it out on my web site:  The Mop.

Triple Tail:  Triple Tail are in front of Jekyll.  These fish will eat a fly.  On most trips through June, I try to combine a red fish and triple tail trip.  These fish free float in front of Jekyll.  I idle around until we see one, then lower the trolling motor to get within fly casting distance.  If you get the fly in front of them, sometime they eat and other times it looks like they are just smelling it.  Triple Tail are strange fish, but when you hook up, they pull drag, run and jump.

Speckled Trout: Trout fishing is turning on.  Some of the big Roe trout are showing up.  The full moon in May should have them spawning on the beach off of Cumberland.  Other places to fish are regular oyster drops, but you need to move around.  Find clear water, and you will probably find the trout.

Enjoy the Big Red Fish Porn from this winter.  Check out this shared album on Google Photos for more Late Winter/Early Spring Fish Porn.

If you are in the area, give me a call and let’s go,
“Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.

Tight line, remember to strip strike, and practice the double haul.

Capt. Dave Edens

Red Fish

Big Red Fish

red fish

Troy’s Red Fish

Two friends and a fish

High tide red fish

Bent Fly Rod

Fighting a fish

Huge Red Fish

Jack’s Big Red

Winter time red

Nice Red Fish