Fly Fishing Golden Isles when it is not Windy and Cold can be Red Hot
Big Schools of Red Fish in Clear Water
Late November and December brought some fabulous Fly Fishing Golden Isles. Late November neap tides saw clear water, warm weather and lots of big red fish pushing schools of shrimp.  On several trips, we knew a school was coming because the first thing we saw were birds bombing the school.  The birds were grabbing the shrimp as they fled the aggresive red fish.  On most days, after seeing the schools move across the flats, we knew the route the fish would take and simply staked out and waited.  There is nothing much more exciting than having a school of big red fish bearing down on you.

Tim w/ redfish fly fishing Golden Isles

Tim is a great client from Florida.  He travels to St. Simons frequently on business, and if the weather and conditions are right, he works in a trip for Fly Fishing Golden Isles.

We were rewarded with a great day.  The reds weren’t high and happy this day, but Tim stuck with it and managed to catch a slot redfish as the tide was coming in.

Notice how clear and blue the water is in the photograph.  Winter brings great sight fishing conditions to Fly Fish Golden Isles.

Tim’s Nice Redfish


My daughter came home from College and asked to go fishing.  Well she definitely caught the big trout of the day. Speaking of trout fishing, we had days when we caught a trout on almost every cast.  Early to late December has some of the best trout fishing of the year.  When Fly Fishing Golden Isles for trout, find a concentration, and bounce a clouser along the bottom.  Here is a link to some of my favorite trout and red fish flies:  Fly Patterns. When you feel a tappa, tappa, tap, set the hook.  Best of all, they are delicious.

Big trout fly fishing golden isles

Sallie’s big trout

Compressed, Trout Dinner fly fishing golden isles

Delicious trout dinner







So far this winter, there have only been a few days to get out.  It seems like the wind has been blowing non-stop since Christmas.  However, when we have been able to go Fly Fishing Golden Isles, we have found large schools of red fish in shallow water.  We have even managed to find a few bulls around structure.

Bull red fly fishing golden isles

Bull Red Fish

We are catching smaller fish on the flats this year than in years past.  Hopefully that means the we have had a good few years of spawns, and we will have more red fish this year than we have had in the last two.
Here are a few examples of the smaller fish we have been catching, Fly Fishing Golden Isles:
Fly caught red fish fly fishing golden isles

Nice little red fish

Fly caught red fish fly fishing golden isles

Troy’s nice red fish

If you want to see what winter time red fishing can be, click on this link to my web site:  Fly Cast Charters.  On the front page is a video taken a few years ago showing us fishing to huge schools of red fish.  This pattern will last through March.
If you are coming to St. Simons for Spring Break, of just for a break from the terrible winter weather up North, be sure to give me a call to experience what can be some of the best sight fishing of year.
I am not booked heavily at this time of the year, so if you are down here, be as flexible as you can so we can go out on the best day.
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