August brought some of the first daytime flood tides for tailing red fish.  The tides came in, I went to my special spot, and my anglers had shots at 30+ fish on the right tides.  At times we had trouble deciding which fish to cast to.  Casts for tailing red fish are not long. Forty feet is a long cast. But they have to be accurate.  You can’t put the fly five feet away from the fish and expect him to see it.  If you can put it a foot in front and a foot beyond these big, tailing red fish, they will eat and your drag will scream!!!!

Clay managed to fool this nice tailing red fish

Bass in the Grass

Clay’s tailing red fish

More tailing red fish photos

Capt Dave's red fish

I got a chance to go fishing!!!

We need tides of 8 feet or better to flood the grass flats.  We have predicted tailing tides for the last of September and the first of October.  If a Nor’easter blows by, the flats can flood on almost any high tide.  Call me to check on conditions and to see if I have any availability.

Trout bite has been good too.  Not much time now.  More pictures.
Evening tailing tide sun down, 2015 Fishing for Tailing Red Fish flooded grass flats Russell's big trout Tailing Red, August 2015

Tight Lines, strip strike and practice the double haul,

Capt. Dave