Catching Big Red Fish on the fly rod in St. Simons, GA

March and April 2014 fishing report

My apologies for not keeping the fishing report up to date.  It has been a busy six to eight weeks.

Most of late March and early April were terrific.  We had some down days when the water was muddy or the wind was blowing, but for the most part, the fishing for big red fish was outstanding.  We had a solid week of rain the second week of April, that was capped off by a major storm that dropped 7″ of rain in 24 hrs over South Georgia.  That rain has pushed the Altamaha and Satilla rivers out of their banks and is dumping tons of fresh water into our bays and near inshore.  The water is so muddy and tannin stained right now, it looks like coffee with milk.  That makes fishing for big red fish a little tough right now, but the water is clearing.

The sight fishing is always best when we have bright skies, clear water and low wind.   Right now, on the low tide when the wind is down, the water seems to clear a little, offering us a chance to sight fish red fish.  Just a few days ago, we were on a flat, the water was murky, but we could see the fish pushing water.  Paul cast the black toad to the pushes. Paul was rewarded with a 13 lb, 32″ big red fish.   We have been catching a lot of big red fish on the fly over the last five or six weeks.  We have caught several ten and twelve pound fish and a few thirteen pound fish.  The black toad, Chernobyl Flash Bang and Purple Passion have been the favorite flies for big red fish the last few outings.  Also the triple tail are in front of Jekyll, and offer a great opportunity to sight fish to free floating triple tail.

When the water clears, the trout and flounder fishing will come on strong.  Barring another big rain storm or unusual wind event, the water should start to clear by the first full week of May.

May has always been one of the best months to sight fish big red fish in shallow water.  I expect this year to be the same.  So, if you are coming to the Golden Isles, give me a call, and lets go catch a big red fish.

Until then, here are some of the big red fish brought to the boat over the last few weeks-all released-to keep you interested.

13 lb red fish

Big Red Fish

Hans’ Big Red Fish


Releasing a red fish

Red Fish Release


Big Red Fish

Another Big Red fish

Big Red fishDean’s silvery red fish


Big Red Fish

Red fish Never Smile

Nice red fsihDean’s first of four red fish


Big Red Fish

Jeff’s Big Red Fish


Big Red fish

Mike and Staci’s Big Red Fish


Big Red fish

Mike and Staci’s first red fish

Big Red Fish

13 pounds and 32 inches

Tight lines, remember to strip strike, and practice the double haul,

Capt. Dave