January Red Fishing

With all the fronts pushing through, the North winds, and the cold temperatures, January red fishing trips have been few and far between.  However, the weather and the tides cooperated on January 21.  I saw a small window to go red fishing  in the late afternoon.  Even if we have windy conditions, typically the wind dies down the last hour or so of daylight.  With a low tide at 5:30PM, moderate temperatures and bright skies, I felt like there might be a chance to catch a few red fish.  A fellow marina rat, Vic, and I decided to go “Hunt Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”  I checked out three or four spots that typically hold fish in the winter, but there was no one home.  Then we hit the jackpot.  As we came close to this creek mouth, I turned off the big motor, put down the trolling motor, and approached the entrance to the creek.  We were rewarded by a large school of red fish going up the creek.  We spooked the first few fish, and not having time to rig up a fly rod, I grabbed the spinning rod to get a shot before all the fish scattered.  The video shows the result.  We caught and released four fish from this school, and left them pushing water, tailing and finning as it became too dark to fish.  Then we enjoyed a long ride back to the marina in the dark.

You need to come to St. Simons and see how great our winter time red fishing can be.  Click the line below to be taken to my contact page to set up your trip.
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Until nest time,

Tight lines, strip strike and practice the double haul.

Capt. Dave