Early summer fishing in St. Simons has been on. The trout bite has been great on clear water. The trout bite on the beach in Cumberland has been red hot on the right tides/moon. For the trout, a chartreuse/white clouser minnow made with Farrar’s flash blend and red flash has been the ticket. It has even out fished live bait!!

Effective Clouser Minnow pattern

Chartreuse and white clouser w/ red flash made from Steve Farrar’s flash blend. A killer trout fly


Big Trout

Nice trout

For trout concentrate on the 1//2 moon tides and concentrate on oyster drops in moving water. The trout are here, you just have to move around until you find them. Early summer fishing in St. Simons has been great.

The triple tail sight fishing in front of Jekyll began in late March. The early summer fishing in St. Simons for triple tail had been consistently good until June 12, when the DNR opened the inshore shrimping season. As of earlier this week, the shrimpers were not pulling in front of Jekyll, and the TT seemed to be returning. While they will not be there in the numbers they were this spring, it is something worth checking out if you are near there and the conditions are right.

Nice triple tail

Sight Fished Triple Tail

Red fish have been tailing on the right tides. We only have predictable evening tailing tides until August, but if you are here on the right tides, and the thunderstorms and wind stay away, the fishing can be amazing. If we have a push of strong east winds, the tides will get up on some mornings, so stay alert.

Tailing Red fish in the grass

Stalking tailing red fish

tailing red fish

Tailing red fish

Low tide red fish are harder in the summer than in the winter, but they are still there. The schools are not as large, and you are normally casting to one or two fish, so the cast has to be fast and accurate. If you keep at it, you can hook up.  Early summer fishing in St. Simons for red fish has been great, both in the low tide flats and in the high tide grass.

Big red fish

Big low tide red fish

July and August will bring flood tides for Red Fish, trout fishing will keep getting better and we will be on the lookout for the schools of big Jack Crevalle that invade our sound during the dog days of summer.

When the weather is right, I am fishing some of the near shore bars where we can catch Spanish, bar jacks and whatever else shows up.

Summer in SSI is hot, but so is the fishing. If you are going to be down this way, give me a call, and let’s go “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

Until next time, ” Tight lines, strip strike and practice the double haul.”

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