March/Early April St. Simons Fly Fishing Report 


St.. Simons Island Fly Fishing


I have two words for the March Fishing report:

March Blows

We went from outstanding fly fishing St Simons Island in January and February-clear water, bright skies and relatively calm winds-to terrible conditions most of March.  On the first of March it was like the North Pole opened up on the Marshes of Glynn.  It started with flooding rains in the middle and south Georgia floodplains of the Satilla and Altamaha Rivers.  The rains pushed these rivers out of the banks and brought torrents of silt, mud and freshwater to the Georgia coast. Additionally, the flooding rains pushed water out of the cypress swamps, pushing tannin stained water into the sound.  This doesn’t sound like a good combination for sight fishing, does it???  It isn’t.

Then the cold weather and winds came.  March’s average temperature was actually lower than the average temperature in January.  How bassackwards is that?  Then the winds whipped in from the North. I don’t know how many charters I cancelled because of the impossible fly fishing conditions.  As March waned, so did the terrible weather.  Toward the end of March, even though the water was still tannin stained and muddy where we fished, the fly fishing St Simons Island  improved and we managed to put some really nice 10+ LB red fish in the boat for some quick CPR-Catch, Photograph and Release.

Ben managed a very nice 30″+ red on one of the very few nice days we had in March.
A few days later, Ashley managed to put two almost identical 10 lb reds into the boat.  About the only way to tell them apart are the cuts on their tails.  His second one has a little slit at the bottom of the tail.
Early in April, Todd managed to fool a fish or two on a really tough day.  We were into fish all morning, and we couldn’t get them to eat a thing.  I tried all my tried and true flies-Flashbang, Prawn’s Revenge, Purple Passion, clousers etc. etc.  The only bait on the flat that day were finger mullets.  I had tied a few mullet patterns earlier this winter, and tried one simply because I was out of other ideas. This one worked.
Todd managed another ten lb red fish.
Just as I was convinced there were only ten lb fish in our area, A grandfather/grandson team teamed up to put a few slot fish into the boat.

April is starting out well.  The weather has finally warmed, the water is clearing, and the water temps are approaching 70 degrees.  A few triple tail have shown up off of Jekyll, but as I write this, we are still waiting for the major migration.  Sight fishing for triple tail is a fun, different experience.

So if you are coming to the the Golden Isles, give me a call and let’s go “Hunt Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

Until next time, tight lines, strip strike and practice the double haul,

Capt. David Edens