McLeanLate Fall brought great days with lots of trout caught off the oyster drops and red fish moving around on the low tide flats.  The red fish on the flats are typically 4-7 pounds, but occasionally, we get a real brute.  Here is McLean with a bruiser of a 13 lb red fish caught in October.


Conner's Big Trout

Conner and his Dad came fishing, and Conner pulled in the big trout of the day:







In early December we had some of the highest tides of the year.  While the water was too cold for tailing red fish in the grass, these high tides are perfect for hunting Marsh Hens, or Clapper Rails.  A Marsh Hen hunt was on Fred’s bucket list, and Fred was able to take a limit of these sporty birds in a few hours.  Hunting Marsh Hens is like hunting quail for a boat.

Ed came to the Marshes of Glynn and landed this nice 10 lb red fish:

Ed's Big Fed Fish

Ed’s Big Fed Fish









Water Temperatures are now in the low to mid 50’s.  The water is clear and the reds are in big winter time schools.  Check out this video taken on a January day a few years ago: Two Guides Take a Holiday. Our winter time fishing can be off the charts.  If you need a winter break or if you are going to be in St. Simons/Jekyll/Sea Islands over the Holidays, give me a buzz and let’s go, “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

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