Fly Fishing Report St. Simons for June/July, Late Summer Outlook

Even though the shrimpers have been pulling tight to the beach in front of Jekyll, a few triple tail are still floating around out there.  The bulk of the triple tail fishing is now around markers when the tide is either dead high or dead low.  Some excellent catches are reported with live shrimp beneath float rigs.  You can catch some on fly by stripping a well placed clouser or Capt. Dave’s Ultra Hair shrimp close to the markers.  If you hook one, hang on and have your buddy pull you away from the pole, or the TT will immediately wrap around the pole or chain and break you off.  These fish are particularly good to eat, but only eat a few, and throw the REALLY big ones back.  Catches of fish over 20 lbs are being reported daily.

Whole Fried Flounder from Catch 228

Flounder fishing is exceptionally good right now. Nice catches are being reported around docks and rip raps.  I took my daughter fishing last week.  We fished spinning tackle and grubs, and caught dinner.  If you are lucky enough to catch a few of these fish, many restaurants in St. Simons will prepare it for you.
Trout fishing has been good on the half moon with clear water. with a lot of short fish.  Trout fishing really begins to pick up in August as the bait shrimp become larger and more active.
The sight fishing for red fish is good on the low tide when the tides are early in the morning.  Last week, I fished Rashada on an early morning low tide trip, and we were treated to nice schools finning and tailing on the low tide.  Rashada connected with a nice 22″ low tide red fish.  He had never had red fish, so this slot fish turned into blackened red fish.
Jerry and I went out for a day break low tide trip.  We were rewarded with large numbers of red pushing and feeding in water less than 12″ deep.  Jerry took a lesson before leaving Kansas for SSI, practiced, and his practice paid off with a nice 28″ 8 lb. fish.  This was his first red fish ever and he caught it on the fly.  The fly used was the work horse black toad.  This fly will catch reds everywhere.
     The flood tide fishing in July was tough.  With SW and Westerly winds, the tides never got high enough for morning tailing red fish fishing. We had great tides in the evening, but thunderstorms cancelled several trips.  When we could go, the winds were whipping making casting difficult.  Nevertheless, my clients had the opportunity to cast to seven to twelve fish on a tide. August 20-24 offer the best days for shot at tailing red fish in August.  Try to get down here and enjoy some classic summer fly fishing for red fish.
The big new is the big Jack Crevalle showed up in the sound.  These are world class fish, averaging 25-30 lbs.  The fish push into our sound when the water is clear on mid and higher incoming tides. I went out with my new Orvis 11 wt. Helios 2 w/ Mirage reel and cast to a few schools.  I hooked  up with a nice 30 lbr.  I put the heat on him, and whipped him in 15 minutes. These fish come and go.  If you want to try for one, let me know, and the next time they are here, I will call, but you need to come within a day.  There is a legitimate chance to catch a new state record this summer.  Let’s do it on the fly!!!
The Altamaha River has been at flood stage for the last week or so.  The river has pushed tons of fresh, tannin stained, red muddy water into our area.  The combination of big tides, muddy water and low salinity seem to have pushed the Jacks back out to sea.  Hopefully, they will return in a week when we have neap tides and our water returns to more normal conditions for this time of year.
The weather is getting hotter and so is the fishing  so if you are coming to St. Simons, Jekyll or Sea Island, Give me a call, and come, “Hunt Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”
Until next time,
Tight Lines, strip strike and practice the Double Haul
Capt. David Edens