The fishing report St. Simons has been good to excellent, but during April and May we continued to fight East winds.  There are some flats I like to fish that require a South wind to fish. I can’t wait until the winds let up and become more summer in nature.  Those flats should be on fire since no one has had a chance to fish them this Spring.

Triple Tail are the call of the season.  We have some very good captains that are very good at catching these fish with live shrimp. Thankfully, they have been releasing more legal fish than they have been keeping.  As of a few days ago, the triple tail are still in front of Jekyll and they will readily take a fly.  Capt. John Bottko came up to fish with me, and the winds followed him.  We fished in really rough conditions, be we managed to fool two small fish.  Clay managed one TT after a hard windy day, and Joe and Mindy each managed one on a spinning rod.

The DNR is opening the inshore shrimp season on June 11.  If the shrimp are near to shore, the trawlers will pull for shrimp on the beach and essentially scare the TT off.  If the shrimp are not near shore, they won’t pull there and the fishing report St. Simons for TT should staygood for most of June and into July.  We found them floating off of Jekyll in August last year because the shrimp stayed off shore and so did the shrimpers.

Chernobyl Flash Bang

Chernobyl Flash Bang

The "Purple Passion"

The “Purple Passion”

The East winds and big tides really made the water muddy the end of May.  That made sight fishing for red fish really tough.  Even on the neap tides, if we have bad winds or heavy rain, the water will get muddy.  On several trips we saw hundreds of red fish on the low tide, but we couldn’t get one to eat.   We managed a few on  flies I tie that stand out in dirty water conditions.  The Chernobyl Flash Bang came through several times within the last few weeks.  The red fish were tailing on the evening tides, and charging a well placed  Purple Passion.

Hawg Heaven lived up to its name.  I was wading in water knee deep, and I saw a fish tailing with at least six inches of huge tail waving above the water.  That fish must be close to 15 lbs.  While we didn’t catch him last month, I know where he lives.  I guarantee you we will target him in June. On the last day in May I had a client land the second biggest in shore red fish caught by a client at 31″ and 11 lbs.

Here are a few of the nice fish from the last six weeks:


We will continue to chase fish on the low and flood tides, catch a few flounder and trout and hope the triple tail stick around a few more weeks.  June will bring more stable weather and more westerly and southerly winds and the fishing report St. Simons will remain positive.  So if you are in the area for a vacation, take a day or two, give me a call and come , “Hunt Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

Until next time, tight lines, strip strike and practice the double haul!!

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