Every Spring, the Triple Tail show up in front of Jekyll Island.  They are free floating and sunning.  Some say they are just warming up, and others say they are spawning.  I don’t think anyone really knows exactly why they free float here at this time of year.  In any event, it is a unique, exciting sight fishery.  I took a holiday today to check out the fish.  I saw many fish, had shots at a few and got one to eat.  He took off running and jumping.  After a few minutes, I got this

Triple Tail

Seven Pound, Sight Fished Triple Tail

seven  pounder to the boat.

If you have never experienced sight fishing for free floating Triple Tail, treat yourself to a quick trip to St. Simons.  This fishery typically lasts until the inshore shrimp season opens in early June.

Tight Lines, Strip Strike and Practice the Double Haul,

Capt. Dave