Sight fishing for reds was as good as it gets on the new moon this month.  On most trips, anglers had shots at ten to twenty fish.  An explosive strike usually results if you can put the fly where the fish can see it.  These casts are not long, but the cast has to be accurate.  We even caught a nice sized sheepshead sight-fished on the fly.  The black toad has been the fly of the month.  It is a great flooded grass fly, catching red fish and sheepshead.  I had several anglers catch fish within ten feet of the boat by simply placing the fly in front of the fish.  It is amazing how close you can get to these fish in the Maverick, HPX-V.

Many people like to park the boat and wade to the fish, and we do this when conditions dictate.  However,  I prefer to remain in the boat and pole to the fish.  On days when it is dead calm and the water in the flooded grass flats is mirror smooth, this is far and away the best way to approach the fish.  You cannot wade slowly enough in glass smooth conditions to consistently get closer than 50′ to the fish.  Your wading pushes a pressure wave in front of you that the fish feel and they stop tailing.  If you stay in the Maverick, most of the time we can pole within twenty or thirty feet of a fish under these conditions. I think most people and guides prefer to wade because they don’t have a boat that will allow them to silently pole to the fish in ten inches of water.   The Maverick is specifically designed to allow you to approach spooky fish in calm conditions,  so you can make that perfect cast to catch that 10 lb tailing red fish.

Many times we face fairly rough conditions on the run home.  An onshore wind combined with an outgoing tide can cause some pretty rough conditions on the open sounds around SSI.  This is also where the Maverick HPX-V excels.  While the boat is designed to pole easily and silently, it is also designed to safely cross choppy, open waters.  While we catch some spray crossing these open sounds in a cross wind, we cross safely and comfortably.

We are looking forward to the full moon tides coming at the end of theSeptember and the first of October.  These tides will start building on September 28 and last through October 3.  But the best tides of October will be on the new moon,  from 10/13 until 10/20.  Make plans to visit the coast for some of the best tailing red fishing in the Southeast.  Come,  “Hunt fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

Until next time, tight lines, strip strike and practice the double haul.

Capt. David Edens