We were blessed with mild weather through the first two weeks of January.  Water temperatures were 54 degrees through the end of the second week of the month.  This time

Dad and Daughter

last year, water temperatures were hovering near 40 degrees.


The red fish are still very active and still fight hard since the water is not so cold as to make them lethargic.  We are still finding schools of 25-100 fish on the low tide flats.  The water is clear, so on days when the sun is bright and the wind calm, hunting these fish in the long grass and on the oyster bars is productive.

The good news is the reds are in big schools, so when you find them you find a lot of them.  The bad news is the reds are in big schools, so you have to hunt them and know where they typically hang out.

This winter is supposed to be more typical, and the winter pattern  for red fish should hold into March.

I haven’t been trout fishing lately, but they are in 12-15 feet of water and are being caught either trolling or fishing live shrimp on a slip cork.

I will be at the Great Southern Fishing Show in Atlanta next weekend.  January 21 and 22.  If you are in the Atlanta area, stop by and see me in booth 309 and attend my seminar on Fly and Light Tackle Rigging.

Until next time, tight lines, strip strike and practice the Double Haul.

Capt. Dave