The past week offered some of the best tides for fishing for tailing red fish in the grass.  Old time South Georgia Coastal folk refer to this as “Bass in the Grass” because we fish in flooded spartina grass. I discovered a few grass flats where the Red Fish were all in the nine to ten pound range.

Nine Pound Tailing Red Fish caught in Hog Heaven

9 lb, 29 inch tailing red fish

Ten pound tailing red fish

Sunset over the flooded Marshes of Glynn

Even experienced salt water anglers get knock kneed when they see a red fish tail the size of two hands held together waving at them in the grass about 50 yards away.  These grass flats are now named, “Hog Heaven.” The fishing last week was off the charts.  Typical charters had clients seeing dozens of tailing red fish.  Put a well presented fly in fron of these fish, and they inhale it.  This is late afternoon/evening fishing.   Here are a few pictures from the last week.



I had the pleasure of having Peter on board for a quick trip.  This was his first, second and third red fish on the fly rod.

Peter's first red fish on the fly

Catch, Photograph and Release

His second Red on the fly

His third red fish on the fly













Then later in the week, we fished late and watched the full moon rise over the marsh:

A full moon rising

Full moon over the Marshes of Glynn












This was a week to remember.  Now it is on to the low tide fishing in the early morning.

We will have more flood tides in August, September and October.  Call now to reserve your date for some of the best sight fishing for red fish on the East Coast.

Capt. David Edens