August brought a wide variety of fishing.   Trout, Triple Tail, and Red Fish.

There are some big trout around, you just have to move around to find them.

"Nice Trout" This one was almost 20", and was released.

18 lb Triple TailThe triple tail were floating off of Jekyll all summer.  Finally the shrimpers started pulling close to the beach and ran them off.  Sight fishing to free floating triple tail is very exciting.  Triple Tail fishing on the markers is good, and will continue to be so for a few more weeks.  As soon as that first cold front comes through, they head back south.



Black Drum

We were even able to  scrape up a few black drum on low tide.

Far and away the most exciting fishing is for tailing red fish in the grass.  The last few weeks of August have offered fishing that is off the charts.  There are so many fish on the flats I fish, that my clients have a difficult time deciding which fish they want to try to catch.  My suggestion is to go for the one that is tailing most actively or has the biggest tail.

This is classic, Southern tailing red fishing at its finest.  We are fishing in water no deeper than knee deep.  The fish are in these shallows

Clay's First Red Fish on the fly

grubbing for fiddler crabs, and their tails are out of the water.   On the morning high tides, the wind is almost always light, and you can see the fish tail from 50-100 yards away.  These trips are like you read about in Gray’s Sporting Journal or Garden and Gun.


September offers over 20 days when the tide will be right for fishing for “tailers.”  If you are a fly fisher who has ever dreamed of chasing red fish on the fly, this is the month to try.  Call me for the best available dates.


Until next time, Tight Lines, Strip Strike and Practice the Double Haul,

Capt David