A Great Day on the Red Fish Flats

It has been a great April!!!  While some trips we were plagued with high winds and dirty water, for the last few days we were blessed with early morning low tides and calm winds and clear water.  It doesn’t get any better than that.


Most of my clients are interested in sight fishing, rather than blind casting a fly rod so all I have been targeting this month are red fish and triple tail.

 Sight fishing is fun, exciting and more like hunting rather than fishing.  That is why the tag line of charter service is, “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”  And that is what we do.

For Reds, we fish for three or more hours on the low tide when the fish have been pushed out of the grass onto shallow mud flats. The Red Fish have a very particular pattern.  They stay as shallow as they can to stay away from the Dolphins, which are a primary predator.  When the tide comes in, they move back into and disperse into the grass.  It is like this at every tidal change.

When the tide comes in and when the weather is right there are several places we can hunt red fish on tidal levels over 3.5 feet.  Coming up in early May, we have flood tides over 8′, so the fish will invade the grass flats and tail.  I am looking forward to May 3rd-5th.

There are a couple of new flies I have been using that have been catching fish.  One is a red fox tail clouser and the other is the Chernobyl Flash Bang.  More info on the Chernobyl Flash Bang to follow.

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At this time of year, after a few hours fishing for red fish, we usually go and sight fish for Triple Tail in front of Jekyll Island.  This is an unusual fishery where the triple tail free float during April, May and early June.  We cruise around looking for fish, position the boat and you take your shot at the TT.  This is an exciting and frustrating fish.  The casts can be very short, but they need to be accurate, and even if they are, sometimes the fish follows the fly and refuses it.  I have not found one they will eat every time, but that is fishing.

When old friends go fishing together or when Father and Son go fishing it is a special time.  I had the pleasure of fishing with Reynolds and Bill, who have been friends for over forty years and the Father/Son team of Rod and Tom last week.  We all had a great time.

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I am booking up for May and June.  If you are coming to St. Simons for a stay, please give me a call to reserve your dates as soon as you can.

Until next time,

Tight lines, Strip Strike and Practice the Double Haul,

Capt. Dave