September and October brought over fifteen days of flooded grass and tailing red fish.  These “Bass

Sam's First Tailing Red Fish

in the Grass” were tailing hard grubbing for fiddler crabs.  The water temperature stayed right at 70 degrees until the end of October, and the reds stayed in the grass.  Most anglers were rewarded with many, many shots at tailing red fish.  When the sun, earth and moon were properly aligned and when the anglers placed the fly in the right place, they were rewarded with tight lines and screaming drags from big, chunky red fish.  The low tide fishing remained constant with many fish on the tide.  Sometimes these fish are hard to catch, and other times, they seem to eat anything you throw at them.  The good flies remained the Purple Passion and the Black Toad with an occasional take on a Kwan Fly.

Asbury Gay's Big Trout

The trout fishing is currently off the charts.  We have the largest shrimp numbers many say they have seen in decades.  The trout are all along the creek and river banks at at the creek mouths.  Blind cast a green and white or tan and orange clouser in these areas, and you should be able to catch a “nice mess of fish” for dinner.  An occasional 4 pound trout will also be landed, as my daughter, Asbury Gay, learned.

I am looking forward to November and December as the water cools and the reds gather in the big schools of winter.  Clear water and mid-day low tides lead to phenomenal sight fishing for our bruiser reds in the Marshes of Glynn.

Give me a call to reserve the best dates for this wonderful time of year.

Until next time, Tight Lines, Strip Strike and Practice the Double Haul.

Capt. Dave