The water temperature is down to 76 degrees.  The fish are more active, and the red fish definitely fight harder and don’t take so long to revive with more oxygen in the water.  We are ending a week of neap tides and clear water.  Today on the flats, we watched as the red fish flashed while feeding on small shrimp in water ten inches deep.  With higher than average low tides, the fish are not tightly concentrated.  It took a good deal of poling until we found them.  I fished with another old Georgia Bulldog today.  The weather, fish and wind cooperated.

Bent Rod, Big Smile





I am anxiously anticipating the fall flood tides next week.  We have tides as high as nine feet coming up which means hours of time in the flooded grass chasing tailing red fish.  I have some clients from Missouri, Texas and Florida coming in to fish those days, but I still have a few days open.  If you want to enjoy the best “Tailing Tides” of the year, give me a quick call and let’s go “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn”

Tight lines, Strip Strike and practice the Double Haul,
Capt. Dave