The last week, before the high, flood tides, the reds were on the low tide flats and feeding heavily on small shrimp.  Even with water temperatures at 85 degrees, the reds are  moving and smashing bait.  As soon as the flood tides started the first of this week, the low tide fishing slowed down dramatically.  The fish are still there, but they aren’t moving or smashing bait like they were earlier this month.

However, with the advent of the flood tides, the reds are in the grass and are tailing

The "Purple Passion"

heavily.  Last night, I went out with a friend to check out a new flat.  There wasn’t anything tailing in this good looking flooded grass, but that is the way it goes..  Then we went to check out another new grass flat, and within an hour, we saw ten tailers with one huge fish that was swimming around with his back out of the water. I had three shots with the fly rod, and connected with one. He smashed the same small, dark fly that was so effective last week on the low tide.  I have named the fly the Purple Passion.  I listed the recipe in the last post, and here is a picture.

The tides are receding now, and I expect the low tide fishing to pick back up by the weekend.  The next tides for tailers are July 29th and 30th.  Possibly the 28th as well.

If you get a chance, tie up a few “Purple Passions” and go sight fish to the red fish!

Remember, tight lines, strip strike and practice the double haul.

Capt. Dave