Emmitt's Red Fish

The sight fishing for red fish is as hot as it gets right now.  Last Friday the water temperature was 60 degrees, and the red fishing was off the charts.   The fish are in big schools, are moving with the tide, chasing bait, and eating well.

We are having a Nor’Easter as I am writing this so the water will be cooler tomorrow, 12/13.  But with highs in the 70’s, light winds and sunny skies forcasted for the rest of the week, the water temperature will rebound nicely.  When the water temperature is in the 60’s and high 50’s, it contains a plenty of Oxygen for the fish to breathe.  As a result, the fish fight long, hard and feed actively.  We are coming off a full moon, so the water should clear toward the end of the week.

My sight fished red fish

Moderate water temperature, sun, light winds and clear water all add up to fantastic sight fishing for red fish.

The pictures in the post are from last Friday when I fished with some friends.  We had school after school of red fish swim across the flat.  All we had to do was wait for them and not spook them.  After catching six, we decided to leave the flat and the fish for another day.

JC's sight fish red fish

December, January and February offer some of the best red fishing of the year, but it is very weather dependent.  If you come to the Golden Isles at this time of year, try to be a little flexible on the days you want/can fish.  Many times it is impossible to go out right after a big cold front comes rolling through.  The winds are just too high.


If you would like to experience some of the best sight fishing of the year for big, strong red fish, give me a call today to come.  “Hunt Fish int he Marshes of Glynn.” Until then,

Tight Lines, strip strike and practice the double haul,

Capt Dave