I have been so busy, I haven’t had time to update the fishing report.  My apologies for those who follow it.

Jim's First Salt Water Fish on the Fly

I hate to sound like a broken record, but the fishing continues to be excellent.  The red fish are predictable on the low tide.  Some days they aren’t active and it is hard to get them to bite, and on other days they are moving around, chasing bait, and are easy to get to bite.  I have been fishing several new less pressured flats lately with good results.  Most all of the charters are having multiple hook ups and landing at least a fish or two.

Tailing reds in the Grass

The flood tide fishing in the grass has been terrific.  It is not unusual to see a dozen or so tailing and feeding red fish on a  tide.  I fish several different flats that are all close to each other.  If we don’t find fish on one flat, then we simply move to another.  The last week of this month and the first few days of October offer the best dates for tailing fish this year.  I have been looking forward to this since this time last year.  When I am not chartering, you can bet I will be fishing.

I don’t know what it is about the Purple Passion that makes it so effective, but that fly has become my go to fly this summer.  Maybe it is the rabbit that moves in the water, maybe it is the dark color that makes if so visible, maybe it is the rubber legs, or maybe it is a combination of all. Whatever it is, you should tie some up and give them a try.  I will add it to my flies page in a few days.

Trout fishing is picking up with several fish in the 17-20″ class being landed.  There are TONS of short trout around.  The shrimp are moving, and the fish are following them.

Flounder and triple tail can still be caught, and we pick up a few flounder while fishing for trout. I normally don’t target flounder, but if you want one for the dinner table, there are places and techniques we can try.

I continue to have folks that have never caught a salt water fish or red fish on a fly rod on the boat.  I find it most rewarding to put these people on fish and help them catch their first red on the fly.  We usually start the trip with a little casting instruction.  Good casting is extremely helpful in salt water fishing.  While many times I can get you within 20′ of the fish, if you can cast further, you tremendously increase your odds of catching fish.

Fall is coming.  October through December offer some of the best fishing of the year.  Treat yourself to a little break and come to the Golden Isles, and “Hunt Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

Tight lines, strip strike and practice the Double Haul

Capt. Dave