Right now it is all about the Triple Tail sight fishing in front of Jekyll Island.  Every

A Jekyll Island Triple Tail

Spring these fish come to the Golden Isles to spawn or sun just off shore of Jekyll Island.  Fishing for them is simple.  Your troll or drift in front of Jekyll Island looking for what looks like a gray and white trash bag floating in the water.  These are the TT’s.

The most poplar way to fish for them is with a popping cork and a live shrimp.  Simply cast your cork in front of and beyond the fish.  Pull it in front of the fish, and when the cork goes under, set the hook.

The same goes for a fly caster.  Cast in front of and beyond the fish.  Strip the fly in front of him, and set the hook when the line goes tight.

In theory, that’s how it is done.  In actuality, often the fish disappears, gets spooked by the boat/line/cork, or simply ignores your offering.  That is the fun of sight fishing for these fish.  If you are careful with your casting the fly angler can get multiple shots at the same fish.  On some days we get shots at a dozen or more fish, on other days, not so many, and on some days, none—but that’s fishing.

Regardless, it is a hoot to hunt these fish in the ocean.  You should give it a try.

Capt. Dave