When I am not fishing, I still love to be on the water.  I am always looking for new spots and schools of reds.  I ventured out yesterday on the low incoming looking for clear water and a few new schools.  I was successful on both counts.  In the Hampton River, which separates Little St. Simons from St. Simons, the water is usually clear, so I decided to explore some of the backwaters up there.  I fished a spot I called “Puppy Drum Heaven” last fall.  I felt sure there would be a school there.  WRONG.  I didn’t see a thing, and the habitat is perfect.  I trolled around a few other areas, all with excellent habitat and didn’t see a thing.  Then all of a sudden, mud puffs of busted fish.   I found a big, new school of reds in an area where the water is usually clear and where I hadn’t seen them previously.  The fish weren’t exceptionally large, but there were lots of them.   Now to locate a few more schools in the same area, and we will have a new hotspot. 

Maybe the next report will be about catching some fish out of this school.

Capt. Dave