One of the most interesting sight fisheries in the Southeast is happening right now in front of Jekyll Island.

Every Spring  Triple Tail are found floating, sunning themselves on the surface off the North end of Jekyll about two miles offshore.  No one really knows why these fish exhibit this unusual behavior.  Some believe they are spawning, others believe they are floating acting like structure to attract bait fish, others believe they are floating out there to simply warm up.  Whatever the reason, it makes for a great sight fishery.

We idle around looking for the fish, which look like trash bags in the water.  When we see one, we get upwind from the fish, cut the motor and drift into them.  A well placed fly or shrimp float rig presented in front of the fish can result in some remarkable fun.  These are hard fighting fish that run and jump when hooked.

The sight fishery should last until mid to late June.  A great trip is a six hour trip chasing Triple Tail for a few hours and then chasing redfish on the low tide. Give me a call to experience this great fishery.