Nice Trout!

The trout bite is turning on, and the big ones are being caught.  The key to catching trout is to find clear, moving water.  Trout are sight feeders and need to be able to see the bait.  They hang out in current waiting for the bait to be washed by them.  Fish the oyster rakes on banks on the incoming and the creek mouths on the outgoing.  Always fish the oyster heads in the creeks.  Check out Charles’ nice trout he landed last week.

The water is now in the low 80’s and the low tide red fishing is getting better.  The creeks are full of shrimp and the fish are feeding.   As the fall progresses, the

redfishing will only get better.  Even with the full moon, the water has been fairly clear this week, and we have been able to see the fish rather than just the pushes and wakes they make when feeding.  Steven landed this nice red on a low tide flat earlier this week.

We have 8′ and higher tides coming up the first of October.  As long as the weather stays warm, the tailing red fishing will stay hot.  It is not unusual to see several dozen tailing reds on a tide.  Make plans now to come enjoy this terrific way of chasing reds.