Clear skies and calm winds visited us in the Marshes of Glynn today.  I had the pleasure of having two Tennesseans, Carter and Dusty, on the boat today.  Believe it or not, there wasn’t any UT/UGA trash talk. 
Carter is a serious fisherman and good caster.  The first flat we came upon was full of fish that were happy, finning and tailing in water so skinny we had a few bump the bottom of the boat when we busted them.

Carter's 7 lb red

On Carter’s third cast with the Fly Cast Outfitters 8 wt, he was tight to a 7 lb red.  He quickly got the fish on the reel and enjoyed the 5-10 minute tussle.  After a quick release, we were soon onto fish again.  We worked the schools well, staying 50-65′ to the edge of them.  Carter missed the next three strikes because he “gently raised the rod tip.”  Forget that technique in the salt.  Strip strike hard and fast. 
We looked for a few trout, which are still scarce around here, and then moved up to a flat I know that floods on a 6′ tide.  The fish were there, but the skies clouded up, the wind started to ripple the water, and seeing the fish before we busted them was impossible.
We called it a day, and motored back to the dock.