10 lb redfish1-15-2010AI had a cancellation today, so I went fishing.

After going out on Wednesday when the water was at 40 degrees, seeing fish, but not having any eat, I thought it would be better today.

We are at the end of a three day warming trend, with rain forecast for tomorrow and Sunday.  There were light North winds, 8-10 and a small tide, 7.1 ft.  After the warming trend, I thought the fish would bite.  When I got to my spot, the water temp was right at 45 degrees; a 5 degree warm up in three days.  Where I went the water was fairly clear, but not the crystal clear  encountered in this spot a few days ago.  I did manage to see, cast to and hook, several fish near the bank from about 50′ away, so it was pretty clear. 

The red fish bite on a fly was INCREDIBLE today.  The reds were schooled, finning and tailing in the low tide flat.  When I first go there it was a strike on almost every other cast.  It slowed down as the tide bottomed out, and picked back up as the tide started back in.  The strikes were very subtle, and I missed the first few thinking I was hung on oysters.  After I started striking whenever I felt a bump, it was fish on. 

I worked the schools from about 50-75 feet out from the bank with the trolling motor.  I just eased along, and when I saw signs of fish, made some casts.  Blind casting also paid off. 

Total for the day was 10-12 hooked and fought and five or six to the boat.  The biggest one was 13 lbs and 30″.  All on a fly rod, all in less than three hours.  INCREDIBLE

Come enjoy this great fishing.

Capt. Dave