Christian's First Red Fish on the fly

The tides and weather have been perfect and the fish are cooperating.  While the tailing activity is not as active as it was in September, the Reds are in the grass and are still eating.  The water is in the low 70’s, and the low tide red fishing has turned on.

Christian and Ron joined me for two days concentrating on reds on the fly with a little trout and triple tail fishing thrown in for good measure.  Christian, who is from Texas, had been frustrated in his attempt to catch a red on the fly after several unsuccessful trips in his home state. He is visiting  in St. Simons and finally connected in the Marshes of Glynn.

To show him several aspects of “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn” the first day we hunted red fish on the low water, and I had the pleasure of putting Christian on his first Red on the fly;  a nine lb, 28″ fish on low water on Friday.

Christian's Bass in the Grass

On Saturday, we chased the reds in the grass. We had shots at several fish.  The first hook up came unbuttoned, but the second hook up resulted in a nice 8 lb. 27″ red.    The fly of choice was, what else, the Black Toad.

Ron, who isn’t a fly fisher fished with a spinning rod.  While we were floating baits for trout, he connected with his first Triple Tail, which was a pleasant surprise.

As the Fall progresses, the Red fishing and trout fishing will only get better.  Plan a Fall trip to the Golden Isles, and enjoy, “Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn.”

Ron's Triple Tail