When the wind isn’t blowing the red fishing is hot. The big schools of winter have formed on the low tide flats, the water is clearing and it is still warm enough for the fish not to be too lethargic.

I Fished with Alan from Swainsboro on Saturday on a flat North of St. Simons. The wind was about 10 mph out of the NW with clear skies. Poling the edge of the

Kissin a Red

flat, we had school after school of nice reds come tailing and finning up the flat. If you put the fly in front of the fish, they ate it well. We ended the day with five reds in the boat, and another five or six with long line releases. We only sight casted to the fish. We ended the day by seeing three fish pushing water toward the boat. My first cast was a little short, then we saw the fish about 30′ at 3:00 o’clock. I made a cast on their nose, and was tight to a nice 6 lbe red.

I have been casting a lighter, smaller fly at these fish, and even fishing with my 6 wt some when the wind is down. That is sporty!

The Prawn's Revenge

The fly I have been fishing is a variation of a bone fish fly.  I call it the Prawn’s Revenge.  I take credit for the fly, but have to give credit for the name to an old friend who now lives on the West Coast.  You will find complete tying instructions on the Flies page of this website.

The old timers down here say we are blessed with the largest numbers of slot reds this year in recent memory. These fish average 16-20 inches and 3-4 pounds.  We are catching a lot of them on the low tide flats, as well as many fish over the slot, 23″.  These small fish will be in marshes for the next two to three years.  Our red fishery is in good shape

The low tide redfishing is about as good as it gets right now.  The fish are active and eat well presented flues.  If you can plan a trip around the tides, the low tide red fishing is best when the low tides are in the early afternoon.  The sun warms the mud, and when the tides comes in, the warm mud warms the water, and the  reds follow to get into a little warmer water.  However, anytime is great to fish.  If the wind isn’t blowing 20 knots, we can find fish.  Next weekend (12/18 and 19) the low tides are mid-day and the tides are not extreme, which is perfect for sight fishing. Winter red fishing is pretty amazing in the Golden Isles of Georgia.  Come on down.

Happy Holidays and remember, make accurate presentations, strip strike and keep your line tight.

Capt. Dave