Well, it looks like the glorious days of summer and early fall are coming to an end.  The weather now is cloudy, windy and rainy.  The temperature is expected to

Mike's First Red Fish on a fly.

get into the mid 30’s on Saturday night.  While the tailing activity is over until next Spring, the low tide red fishing is turning on.  The water is still in the low 70’s but I expect it will fall into the 60’s by the first of next week.  Cooler water temperature means clearer water in the Golden Isles and big schools of Red Fish on the low tide flats..   Earlier this week, I scouted a new flat I had seen a few reds on late this summer.  There were several nice schools of reds working the flat.  The water was clear, and the fish were happy-high in the water, finning and tailing.  They were also hungry.  This should be a good flat with minimal pressure for the rest of the winter.

I had the pleasure of taking Mike and Dan out yesterday.  They are both fairly experienced trout fishermen, but this was their first time sight fishing to reds.  We spent the first hour of the charter with casting lessons.  We practiced what I call the “pick-it-up-put-it-down” technique that I have found effective for teaching new salt water fishermen how to cast 40-50 feet of line quickly with minimal false casts.  After a short run to a tried and true flat, we found the fish busting bait.  It was so cool to see the sea gulls working over the reds as they demolished small shrimp.  We also saw a flock of pelicans following a bait school into the flat.  Long story short, we staked out, cast to the fish and on the second cast, Mike was tight to a nice 6 lb, 27″ red.

Unfortunately, the wind and rain picked up and we had to high tail it to shelter, so we didn’t have any more shots at these fish.  The fly of choice today was the tried and true bone fish pattern, the Simran.

The weather for the next few days looks terrible-rain and 20 knot winds.  After that the weather will stabilize, and we have several more months of pleasant fishing in the Golden Isles of Georgia.  If you have ever dreamed of seeing and casting to schools of 50-100 red fish, now is the time to book your trip.

Until next time,

Tight lines, practice the double haul and strip strike.

Capt. Dave