I went scouting for some upcoming charters on May 7th.  I visited several low tide flats.  There were schools of fish on them all.  Since we are in the neap tide phase the water was exceptionally clear, and I could see individual fish as they finned and tailed.  Poling down the second flat, I saw a small group of fish off the bow.  I staked out, and climbed onto the casting platform.  My first two casts were a little short, but the third cast landed inches from the fish, and a monster red fish grabbed the fly.  After about 15 minutes, I weighed, measured and released a 36″ 14 lb redfish, which is my personal best on a fly rod.  The fish pounded a gold rattle shrimp.

Then I scouted around in front of Jekyll looking for TT.  They are there in good numbers and should be around until mid-June.

Come on down to the Golden Isles to experience this exceptional fishery.